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  • I watched some magpies chase and murder a starling fledgling the other day.

    Not so different from the papers?

  • Great picture, and sounds like a sensible approach to life right now.

    Notable spots from this morning’s ride: northern lapwings (exciting, never seen a lapwing before which is a damning indictment of agricultural practices in the UK), common sandpipers, and the sound of a cuckoo (unseen). Really need to start taking my camera out on the bike as a matter of routine.

  • I never see our Sparrowhawk, just the aftermath.

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  • Our elderly next door neighbour locked themselves out recently so I popped around with my ladder to do the honours and there was a horrible squealing from the end of her garden... I had a quick peek and a sparrow hawk was sat with a very much alive blackbird in it claws, grim viewing.

    After six months of all-the-birds ignoring our mealworms to favour the sunflower hearts, the starlings have finally descended. I’m not sure I’ll be buying another bag the rate these guys empty it.

  • This pm.
    First time I've seen a Jay in our back garden.
    Better than the ubiquitous magpies,
    but, I'm wondering if it was recce-ing smaller birds' nests?

  • I'm glad I haven't seen one in action tbh!

  • My daughter found an egg floating in the pond, cold. Mallard?

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  • Also one Swan Egg never hatched. Surprisingly still there

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  • Wagtails and Swallows this evening.

    Not sure what was flying over the water?

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  • Divebombed by some screeching swifts as I was planting my tomatoes out this morning. Joyous.

  • Joyous.

    I concur. I saw my first pair above my garden a few days ago. Cheered me right up!

  • just saw a flash in the back garden a bird that looked bigger than the usual visitors
    it emerged from the bushes and sat on the fence
    my first bird of prey in the garden ( proper bird of prey, have magpies crows and gulls circling reguularly )

    it had a beige light brown breast about the suize of a magpie and was going after the numerous fledgling sparrows that have burst onto the scene in the last 2 days

    what is it ? no photos sadly

  • Probably a Sparrowhawk.

  • would make sense, colour looks right on the breast but mine was not so mottled just plain one colour, possibly a juvenile or an eastend mongrel

  • Probably a male

  • Bought some old postcards with birds on them, thought you guys might like these photos as well -

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  • .

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  • I went to a Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition over the weekend, some pretty cool bird pics including this one­he-pull-of-the-meadows?tags=ed.current

    Warning: That gallery has some images of animal abuse/cruelty, and also spiders

  • One of the starling chicks fell down inside the wall again. Not sure I can get it back in .what to do?

  • Makes the Sparrow Hawk in the garden seem tame...
    Warning: Contains predator violence­397072758618611724

  • There was an excellent doc about the Golden Eagles trained in Kazakhstan for exactly this. Raised from a chick to accompany the rider on horseback.

    Like soming out of Beastmaster.

  • Blimey.

    I put the starling chick/fledgling (it has most of its feathers) in a child's shoebox with a hole cut in it on a third floor windowsill about 6ft from the original nest hole. Hopefully it's not too stressed and exhausted by the fall or a night on the ground to make it this time*

    *The same thing happened last year and by the time i'd figured out what was going on, had bashed out the airbrick, grabbed the chick, found a box, tried it in a couple of locations, the parents did start to feed it, but it died on the second night. Hopefully this time I got to it quicker and caused it less stress.

  • Shit photo because my tree is huge and my phone zoom is rubbish. Heard a jay screeching this morning followed by some fluffy feathers falling from the tree. Got up close and the jay was eating a chick.

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  • Enjoyed listening to this one earlier

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The Bird Thread

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