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  • Couple from yesterday and today

  • @greentricky love those kickboxing coots!

  • Yeh its proper vicious when you see them get there feet out

  • I always think they look like fighting battleships with their sails out

  • Last couple from Sunday

  • The colours in those are cracking

  • Nice shots! I love getting an opportunity to photograph herons - they're very obliging subjects given how slowly they move generally.

  • Two Buzzards getting acquainted above my house. Perfect mobile phone picture I think you'll agree.

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  • Grisly sight this morning while I was eating breakfast when a sparrowhawk came out of nowhere and snatched a goldfinch from one of my feeders, then proceeded to tuck into it sending feather flying all over the place. As a bird of prey lover, I was very excited to see it happen but couldn't help feeling resentful that he went for one of the few visiting goldfinches and not the hundreds of sparrows that I usually get.

    Took a truly terrible photo but it's almost embarrassing posting it here with so many great snaps further up thread! On that note - can anyone recommend a decent enough camera capable of taking wildlife snaps in the <£100 range?

  • Out fox watching tonight and we could here a bird flying over in the dark making a seep seep sound.
    Any ideas ?

  • Rumours of a ring necked duck nearby, I never saw it. Found a few other birds though, including an egg reveal by the Swan here.

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  • Away from the water

    I still haven't spotted (nevermind photographed) a Goldcrest or Willow Tit, but was pleased to get the Treecreeper & Nuthatches on film sd card today.

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  • There’s a lot of goldcrests about at the moment as they migrate north. They sing quietly but at such a high frequency they’re not very obvious. Once you get to recognise the song you see loads, and they have little fear of humans. Stand still and they may come quite close. I had one perch fleetingly on my hat a few years ago, I would never have noticed but my friend saw it.
    They like to hang around in conifers. Leylandii hedges in suburban gardens are very popular.

  • Useful ta. I'd probably have more joy if I hauled my ass out of bed and went looking at dawn too...

  • Superb snaps. All round. 😎

  • 6.30, a good time for a walk. Saw a swallow and a blaze of kingfisher.

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  • I love these two. Mallards are just so beautiful. The swan egg picture is lovely, too.

  • Thanks. There's a couple more of the Swan Egg moment, a neat adjustment.

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  • Facebook just reminded me of this photo I took 2 years ago at Minsmere 😂

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  • ^ brilliant

  • .

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  • Nice walk through the park this afternoon. Discovered that it is riddled with nuthatches, busy nest building. Lovely mandarin duck in the top pond. And a scruffy blue tit for good measure.

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  • Rummaged the half decent camera out. Much more accustomed to photographing larger birds out in the open. This whole little birds in the woodland thing is a much trickier proposition.

  • Thank you. I think this thread is currently my favourite.

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The Bird Thread

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