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  • I know as I have no picture, it didn't happen; I was walking passed the Slough recycling centre yesterday afternoon when a Sparrowhawk crossed my path. It was hoofing it at knee height and then disappeared over the eight foot fence. Very skilful display.

  • This happened: sparrowhawk in our bird bath last year. Luckily my camera was to hand.

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  • 10 magpies in a tree at the end of the garden

    1 for sorrow 2 for joy ...... what do you get for 10 ? world peace

  • Ten for a bird you must not miss

  • We have bird feeders just outside our living room, a sparrow hawk now has our house on its daily hunting circuit. My other half gets rather distressed that her efforts to feed some birds result in their deaths.

  • Magpies are worse during nesting - could try some wide guage chicken wire or similar ? Only smaller birds could get access ?

  • I went out for a walk/wade before breakfast and saw this sparrowhawk being given a bit of grief by some crows

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  • She’s helping feed the sparrowhawk now too.

    Lichfield Cathedral peregrine - I’ve just found this video I made nearly 2 years ago

  • My wife saw a barn owl hunting in broad daylight yesterday

  • Oh, I do like a owl

  • I had a Goldcrest on my fat balls this morning. Most pleasing.

  • How nice for you, did it make them itch?

    In other news, there is a little egret sat in a tree opposite me at about 90 yards distance.

  • Had a thud against the house today.
    Heard a couple of magpies making a right old noise.
    Went upstairs and peeped out the window and saw a dead pigeon, being eviscerated by (I think) a sparrowhawk
    Was quite a sight, got some shit photos that I'll share when I can get them from my DSLR to help identify the bird.

  • Kite flying on my walk the other day

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  • Fantastic pics. I’m a massive berd nird. Great stuff round here on the Swale marshes. Only a shame that the street I live in is very catty so I don’t get a lot of garden action.

  • They are amazing to look at close up - I probably see hundreds every day, but always worth a second look. Sometimes you see a buzzard in with them.

  • Where was this?

    I am in Surrey and was mowing the lawn yesterday when one glided over head at roof top with crows in pursuit.

    They almost hang in the air... Like a... Kite. 😎

    No camera to hand.

  • Don't get a lot of Kites out here but there are Marsh Harriers on the errr marshes. Peregrines too. And loads of waders.

  • I'd much rather see buzzards than kites any day of the week.

  • There's probably about 1 buzzard every 100 kites out here (chilterns). I was cycling along the edge of a field last summer, went round a corner and there was a buzzard just sitting in the hedge at head height looking straight at me

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The Bird Thread

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