Dcls projects: Raleigh - Maxi Sports - La Piövra - Gillen & Others

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  • After the dailies, let's introduce some of the brand pairs I have, starting with the Fondriest.

    The first I've got is a regular race bike. Well, not that regular: It's a X-Status from the 1998 Cofidis team made for David Millar.
    The frame is made with Dedacciai steel tubes (probably Zero "HT" 18MCDV6HT) and it goes with a carbon fork (probably a Profile Design BRC).

    The day it became mine, it was like this:

    Along the years, I've replaced some components to reach a more 'period-correct' circa 98 Campa Record Titanium 9-speed groupset with a bit more recent Nucleon wheelset that I fancy a lot.

    It weights now 8,5 kg (without pedals), and it's a pleasure to ride, very easy even when you don't have anymore legs.

    (I didn't forget you paulbiche for the Katu BB but missing time.)

  • The other Fondriest I have is a 700/650 time trial, also from... The Cofidis team also made for... David Millar!
    I had the chance that he personally confirmed me that he rode it probably in 1997.

    For this one, I got only the frame, made in Dedacciai Top Lite aluminium, with a Dedacciai Optimal steel fork.

    I went for a Shimano Dura-Ace mostly 7700 groupset to make it a 'street TT' with its Look Ergostem and riser handlebar, and I like to use a Corima carbon wheelset.
    Not very conventional but it's very cool to ride that kind of sub 8 kg machine in the city.

    Sometimes it has a Mavic 3G wheelset:

  • Super rad stuff man!

  • Great projects, I‘m a huge fan of the castorama cyfac!

  • Thanks guys!

  • The TT with 3Gs just took me straight back 10 years, great builds.

  • I continue with some of the brand pairs I have, now the Maxi Sports.

    In addition to the Raleigh, the stored frame and the daily I sold, I have two Maxi Sports on wheels.

    The first I've got is a time trial that I just love.
    It has been made with Columbus EL Oversize tubes by Cyfac in 1992 for a rider with the "BD" initials (any tips will be much appreciated !).

    When I got it, it was built in a non-classic style but it was already very cool, at least to me; but during the past years, I switched some parts to reach something close to a full Dura-Ace ~7410 setup (I use now a 7410 seatpost, and I switch wheels from time-to-time with the Fondriest TT above) :

  • That is quite some collection. Particularly loving your yellow Fondriest with the Corimas. I quite like the little Orbea as well, at some point I must make a little 20” space in the shed.

  • Thanks :)
    Bonus, the Fondriest TT is fast and very easy to ride as a same time!

    The other spinning MS is the kind of story I like.

    When I got it, it was half freak half anti, but at least I got its original fork. And it was hard to resist anyway to its Columbus EL frame:

    As soon as I've put my hands on it, I discovered some marks I'm very familiar with:

    The paintjob is of course an ode to Greg Lemond TVT bike but the decals didn't seem original so I removed them, and bingo: another Maxi Sports, made by Cyfac. We can see it on this photo with some concentration :D (As usual, the marks tell it has been made in 1992 for a rider with the "LN" initials.)

    After many hours taking care of the frame and gathering components, it reborned as a Campa 90s Record bike with custom Maxi Sports decals but still with its Greg Lemond paintjob:

    The idea behind the custom decals was how a MS ridden by Lemond could have looked like.

    Then I switched from clincher to tubular wheels (the clincher wheels went to the road Fondriest). I also switched from a single 57T chainring to a more realistic 55/46T setup:

    And recently, it got the Benotto treat:

  • Incredible

  • Wow that's quite a transformation! Well done

  • Fantastic job!

  • Stunning! The seatstays are columbus max afaik.
    The Greg LeMond needs these bars:

  • Thanks guys!!

    The seatstays are columbus max afaik

    On the time trial?

    The Greg LeMond needs these bars

    I didn't search for it but why not if I see one :)

  • Yip, chainstays and seatstays on the TT bike look like max tubing. Afaik, it was fairly common at cyfac to mix and match tubesets. My max cyfac has non-max round seatstays for instance.

  • Thanks for the info!

    Can we see somehere your Cyfac? :)

  • Here‘s the CP thread. It‘s not as cool as yours tho :)

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Dcls projects: Raleigh - Maxi Sports - La Piövra - Gillen & Others

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