Velolife, Warren Row

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  • Needs a hope and zipp convention plus rolapoluza if he hadnt packed it in.

  • The council has revoked threat of legal action against any cycling club stopping at the venue but maintained the ban on the venue itself organising any rides.
    This calls for a longest skid competition. Right outside.
    Let's hope common sense prevails eventually.

  • Let's hope common sense prevails eventually.

    It wont, its Britain

  • "You are right. It IS odd that cycling clubs are engaging in a 'Who can do the loudest rendition of Ode To Joy, bit there you have it"

  • Lee and all of the team at velolife are true gents...

    This sucks balls that they are under such pressure, it’s pretty much my local coffee shop let alone cycling cafe, thanks everyone for your support..

  • It must be awful for them.. You run a business, find a bit of a niche where people want to come because you are doing something good, and some NIMBY stomps on you.

  • I've just moved out that way when are we going for a spin?

  • £16,529 raised of £15,000 goal

  • They should get an injunction in place soon until the case is heard.

  • Big news in the royal borough....

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  • Are the two stories in the first picture linked in anyway?

  • Unfortunate...

  • So who is the new leader. The one who lives next door.

    Who actually owns the land? Is it the ex owner, so he wants to flog the land for residential?

  • I'm hoping they (Council) get clobbered in court.

  • ironoically (in maidenhead) a neighbour has just had a planning application for backyard development rejected for (among other things) ,the lack of secure cycle park...

  • Law firm Leigh Day have announced that Windsor and Maidenhead Council have withdrawn their application for an injunction against a cycling café owner who could have faced legal action if cyclists met at his café.­ember-2019/Cycling-cafe-owner-wins-battl­e-against-council

    At last!

  • What's their twitter handle? I need to post this at them

  • Well done!

  • Great news. Money well spent on Leigh Day !

  • Glad it didn't make it into court. The council clearly worried they would get dragged through mud.

  • Fantastic news...common sense prevailed.
    Shouldn't have dragged it out for this long tbh.

  • Well, this should never have happened. I imagine it may have been useful in a roundabout way because of all the publicity it's got (although I suspect the owner probably would have preferred less stress), but it was just an abuse of the planning system. Totally 'Rotten Boroughs' material.

    Has the Enforcement Notice been cancelled, too? I can only see that the injunction has been nixed.

  • I hope the publicity will do the business good. It deserves to thrive.
    I for one wouldn't have heard about it other wise.
    The most concerning thing for me is that the whole fiasco stems from a solitary complaint from a neighbour.

  • A neighbour who was a councillor, if I recall correctly--hence 'Rotten Boroughs' material.

    I'd only be really concerned if they'd been able to get away with it, but they didn't. The outcry was justified because of the abuse of the system and necessary to fight the rearguard action. Again, I hope it benefits the café in some way, but I got the impression it was already quite a popular place before all this (which may have triggered the 'complaint').

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Velolife, Warren Row

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