Velolife, Warren Row

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  • The popular cycling cafe (in an old pub) at Warren row (between Henley, Reading and Maidenhead) has a bizarre planning judgement against limiting what cyclists can do there.
    More info here
    If anyone is in the vicinity perhaps stopping for a coffee this weekend would be a show of support. It's where I will go this Sunday.

  • Velolife has also urged customers not to meet at the cafe, in the car park in the vicinity, or prior to or after a ride, and also asked people not to arrive at the a premises before 9am or after 7pm, seven days a week

    Wow, Windsor and Maidenhead.

  • I mean, there must have been zero noise to residents when it was previously open as a pub, presumably open until 11pm at night!

  • Presumably a councillor lives next door and hates 'cyclists'.
    I can't see any other reason why they would be going so hard at this place.
    Threatening local clubs is surely unlawful?!

  • Wtf?
    I hope they get that sorted, sounds like a great place.

    And if this kills their business, I hope someone opens an ace cafe style motorcycle/car themed place there.
    With regular hot rod and Ducati meetings that start early and finish late.

  • I heard about this on It suggest that it all stems from and inspector after single complaint by a single resident.
    Seems incredibly silly and heavy handed to destroy a thriving business that replaced a dead pub.

  • The resident lives next door and used to run the previous pub that failed.

  • This really is a great cafe, and a terrible shame that this has been allowed to happen.

  • Bizarre. I've seen a lot of strange things in the planning system, but this takes some beating. Needless to say, it should never have gone to Public Inquiry, and the Secretary of State should overrule the Planning Inspectorate here and issue a sensible decision.

  • Incredible..perhaps the sight of a business being successful where his had previously failed was too much.
    The case will hinge on what is a 'cycling meet'

  • Planning inspectorate are incredibly pro business/ community asset I'm surprised at there decision.

  • "A spokeswoman from the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead said: “The planning inspector has made it clear that groups of cyclists meeting outside Velolife café cause a nuisance to nearby residents. The appeal decision has concluded that the lawful use of the site is as a café with cycle repair. In this decision the planning inspector upheld and varied the enforcement notice and deemed that cyclist meets should not take place at the café but that cyclists are still welcome to use the café facilities but must not congregate outside.”

    The councillor is directly contradicting the injuction which states that cyclists can't meet there before, during or after a ride, and that cyclists cannot go there by any means of transport. Twitter thread showing the injuction text here:­157614352024920065?s=08

    If you are a member of a cycling club, going there to drink coffee by any means of transport, technically you would cause them to be in violation of the injuction. People turning up or not turning up is lose lose for them. Really awful.

    It's very clear that the borough want the business closed. Madness.

  • Let's hope common sense prevails eventually hasn't so far sadly.

  • Think it was people parking/meeting there at 6am and making noise before they set off that prompted the complaint? Warren Row is quite a sleepy little place.

    Will be a massive shame if it closes as Lee has worked so hard to build it up.

  • Again, this is simply bonkers and needs to be overturned by a higher authority asap. It's a bit like that lower court judgement against Daniel Cadden ('the Telford One') a few years ago.

  • I will gladly crowdfund Lee to lawyer the fuck up

  • How much noise do a group cyclist setting off make?
    Far less then Pub goers do at any time of the day. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Duncan Sharkey

    Seems a bit fishy to me

  • He's published his phone number which I've been ringing all morning. He hasn't answered or returned my messages, so I suspect he's floundering.

  • I'm half seriously trying to find out if the council will take action against me if I organise a ride to the cafe this Sunday. I have a bunch of people lined up to ride over there, and I'd like to know from the council if my group is too big and if it is will they prosecute the cafe for my actions?
    Of course RBWM are talking total bobbins on this, cycle rides are not covered by planning legislation.
    No offence can be committed other than obstruction of the highway. Unless everyone gathers in the car park without permission, and then it's trespass. Neither will cause the cafe owner to end up in court as a defendant.

  • And the silly buggers at RBWM have just declared a climate emergency!

  • Joseph Heller eat your heart out
    Councillors being absolute belms

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Velolife, Warren Row

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