2 cross / 28 hole / wheel build help required

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  • Hi guys,

    Could anyone help me with a 2 cross pattern? I cannot find a lot of clear instructions online and I have already taken apart old rim, kind-of kept in tact the spoke positioning and trying to re-attach on new rims.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • This is an image of spoking patterns from the classic book by Gerd Schraner "The Art Of Wheel Building", if you get a copy of that (there are probably PDFs online) and study the pictures in the lacing section you can't go wrong.

    ... are you sure that the ERD is the same for the old & new rims? From your photo it looks like your hub is vintage and the rim is modern. If you're not swapping the hub-and-spokes into a rim identical to the old one you're going to have trouble. The relevant things to be identical are the ERD (very important) and the spoke hole offset (not so important).

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  • Might be easier to start over. Sort the spokes in in bound out bound piles and use them in the same position again.

  • Thanks for this recommendation, I must admit I oversimplified it in my head initialy. I measured everything, bought new spokes and will be doing a 2 cross 28H pattern on the rear hub and radial 28H at the front.

    This spoke caculator was awesome:

    and video to go with it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvkvQ7i9­DB8

    I will also be attempting truing the wheels directly on the bicycle as best I can.

    Will post pics when done!

    thanks again,


  • After quite a few hours and patience, I managed it, thanks ya’ll! The right hand side (drive side) required a lot more tension than I initially thought, to bring it to the centre line. I also narrowly escaped picking the wrong sized spokes, as initially I had not compensated for the extra length required by the ‘cross’ pattern. Luckily radial and 2 cross don’t require a lot extra. Pics included.

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2 cross / 28 hole / wheel build help required

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