RIP Rollapaluza? Tell us your stories.

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  • Ha! I didn't even notice him there.

  • Forgetable face tbh

    unlike your beautiful cheeks

  • Ha!

    I rode home to Brighton fixed after Kingspin 1 – met a friend on Blackfriars at midnight. Good times.

    Fight the good fight @Rapsac!

  • A couple of pics of mine from pre-refit Half Moon (I think) in 2010. I don't know who these people are, apart from Anna G of course.

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  • Fair play, great effort!

  • Love this thread. Think I’m in that pic of the Rolla v CS track day (at the back naturally).

    Sparked many memories from aeons ago ... Riding the rollers (think my first time was at the vintage car club Old Street???). Getting to know Cas and Winston. Working the rigs once or twice between jobs. Serving for a year as Rolla CC membership sec. all the club rides. Riding/helping at the first UHC. Producing (through my firm) a fair few event promotional materials, programmes etc ... many more memories (and friends) along the way. Hats off Caspar you created something special that touched many people.

    PS a little tribute we posted after Caspar’s announcement.

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  • In 2011 I was a part of the Cycling Plus reader team. Essentially we got free bikes, free kit, a coach and access to events. One of these was a weekend doo (15th Oct as it happens) in Sheffield run by a local private hospital which involved a Rollapaluza event on Saturday afternoon, a dinner in the evening and a sportive the following day. Russ and Dean Downing came along as well as a host of other British male and female pros.
    There are a number of blurry photos of which this is the best. Russ Downing resplendent in his new Team Sky kit back in the days when most of the riders were British.

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  • Jesus was that really 2011? Matt Rotherham won, I seem to remember?

  • Yeh, I know. Time’s a bitch ain’t it!!

  • Found another from the event in Sheffield. Me this time with the appropriate ‘trying very hard’ face.

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  • Believe it was termed cum face. As I took a photo of some one, and their partner commented on the fact it looked like his expression at orgasm. Suspect she said that a bit too loudly as their group over heard and took the piss afterwards. Made me giggle and took a while to not have that mental picture for a while.

  • This has reminded me I was once skinny, had hair and actually had a not so bad spinnylegthing

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  • this one looked fun, with guy martins speed record bike and team gb rider­09/#comment10130235

  • You're doing 'la Rolla', right?

    Maybe if you'd brought more shirts, more people would have joined you.

  • Yeah it was good. Craig MacLean's quads were so big that we had to wrap them in ductape so they didn't get eaten by the second chainring on the bike.

    Also when I was doing checks on the bike at the workshop (we got it straight from the speed record IIRC), I noticed that one of the chain plates had snapped #CSB

  • Can confirm, it was very fun. Thanks to Caspar for giving me the opportunity to ride it! Watching Rob in chinos and a t-shirt casually pushing it just enough to beat Jim's time/speed was also a highlight 😂
    I wasn't the fastest, but I did ride home with a bottle of champagne in each jersey pocket, so who was the real winner, really?

  • Classic pic.

  • Look what I just found on an old hard-drive (Produced by @Danzel - hopefully the correct one..)

    LFGSS Roller Race - 2007!

  • That reminds me, I’ve a Rollapaluza black hoodie to give away. It’s been worn, but plenty of life in it still. Size medium I think. PM me if you want it, priority given to Rollapaluza staff or CC members.

  • Quite evidently @jonny doesn’t age

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RIP Rollapaluza? Tell us your stories.

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