RIP Rollapaluza? Tell us your stories.

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  • Nice photo, jeez. Was that a lfgss track day? The 20 lap scratch??
    Some of the happiest times of my life down there in Rollapaluza kit, stelle , MikeC etc. Thanks Caspar! Was a cool little club, and the best kit by far.
    I still wear my jerseys riding down here in NZ.

  • Bright times indeed. The WAC night got name checked on BBC 6 Music by Nemone who attended, accompanying @justMouse.

    Loved being part of the club and it's my favourite cycling cap of all time, as noticed by @fussballclub.

    Winston and Caspar were always true gents and have made so many people so happy.

    Am I imagining it or did Mark Cavendish come down to one of the nights at the Half Moon?

  • Yep Cav was at one at the Half Moon.

    I remember the WAC night. My first and only time on the rollers. Didn't get anywhere near the fast guys but remember @skoota stepping in for @fasteddy cos he had disappeared.

    I then did a 1km race against @TheBrick(Tommy) - half way through I checked across to see how we were getting on and Tommy had taken his top off and deep in the pain cave - slaughtered me.

    both Caspar and Winston have always been totally awesome. I enjoyed drinking at many of the others but two that come to mind was the fancy dress one with @hillbilly and @miss_socks as Bruce and Milla from Fifth Element. And a great night at the Bloomsbury bowling lanes.

    think I even did a rollapaluza road ride led by Buffalo Bill. all great memories and an important part of the growth and wonderfulness of fixed gear shenanigans in this beautiful dirty city of ours.

    all the best with the ER stuff Caspar. chapeau dude.

  • So many good and blurry memories. From staggering around strange little pubs in fancy dress to having the rig's at mine and @mrs_socks wedding to lining up next to Callum Skinner for one of the keirins.

    Rolla's will always have a special place with me.

  • Gave me a good price on a Shimano Olympic crankset with chainring which were probably ridden by Chris Hoy when he took part once

  • Rollas, thanks for all the good times, and giving me a chance to actually win something 😎 remember convincing Caspar to drive me home to Hackney from the Half Moon after winning this, as I couldn't face riding over the hill 🤣

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  • Greatest memory by far, and there has been a few. Rollapaluza rocking up at St Marylebone CE School with their rig for the Michaelmas Fair. Going head to head with Deputy Headteacher, look mum baked a cake for us and Rapha chucked in a load of prizes. But it was Caspar and Anna G inspiring the students, staff and parents that day with endless energy and fun..

    All those moments at the cemetery for urban hill climb, with that huge cowbell and witnessing something extra ordinary.

    I’m sure there was roller racing in a huge venue during the olympics

    That fireflies promotion you guys did with the super slo-mo camera at mount pleasant studios..

    With love always
    Almac xxx

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  • the fancy dress one with @hillbilly and @miss_socks as Bruce and Milla from Fifth Element.

    Forgotten about that, now that vision is back in my mind, the view of hillbilly in that outfit has ruined that film for me.

  • Such an integral part of the cycling scene in London and further afield too I guess. Hats to you guys and good luck in your worthy new adventures!

  • When was this? I've been missing lots of the 6 this week?

  • i got Cav's autograph on a grumpy jersey for BDW at the Half Moon.

    MH was awesome too.

    Good luck, Caspar...

  • About 11 years ago.

  • Whispers of a goodbye final event in December...

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RIP Rollapaluza? Tell us your stories.

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