Manchester/peaks/greater Manchester GPX routes/loops/destinations

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  • Great, thanks for the advice. That pub looks awesome.

    The route goes along the Monsal Trail - will this be ok on 25c tyres? I've heard it's a lovely trail so keen to have a look.

  • Cheers mate. Good advice on the late turns into car parks.

    We'll probably all smash ourselves silly on the climbs so thanks for the cafe recommendations! We'll need a good refuel after Winnats Pass.

  • Monsal will be fine, it's all fine gravel. May be a few puddles, depending on recent weather.
    It's fairly uninspiring as a route/surface to ride on (flat, gravel, flat...), but lovely scenery. It'll be full of families and folk out walking, so don't expect to smash it.

  • I’ve ridden it on a 20mm rear. You’ll have no problems.

  • Done this loop today, nice urban ride out, then into some v 28 days later industrial buildings in fields action, after a stop at the lavender tea rooms for snacks (or the pubs near by) it's a really pretty lane blast back into town with a few little hills to test the legs before the urban sprawl kicks in

    The old Trafford road out of town really does seem like the road out for a small loop. Down hill and nippy, bit busy for the first section but levels out.

    Would like to take the GrAVel BiKe out on this and explore some of the parks and bridleways you pass

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  • Yeh I used to use that route out of town.

    If you can find a way to reddish there’s an old railway through reddish vale, tiny bit of road to Bredbury hall, lovely gravel path along river to Marple, then heaps of gravel and climbing- old railway to Macclesfield, moderate bridleways to new mills then sett valley to Hayfield

  • South to fallowfield the onto the fallowfield loop then heading east will get you to reddish.
    I followed basically the route you mention out to Goyt Valley one night this year, it's good

  • That’s a great route. I know those bits well on foot individually, I should probably get something with knobbly tyres to enjoy it on two wheels and connect it all together.

    Thread derail - Is anyone out to watch the Tour of Britain today? I’m aiming to be near the top of cowlishaw road in Romiley for when the race passes at noon, then possibly head to Deansgate for the finish.

  • funnily enough yes! i saw the p e l e t o n just outside of stockport, was surrounded by a bunch of extremely aggravated chelsea tractor drivers that their road was closed for 30 minutes out of the year. It was a total coincidence as I was out trying a different route.

    out through to tatton park and then in back through cheadle, stolen from komoot manchester rides, was excellent all in all. tatton park is lovely, saw a giant radar dish, rather challenging climb around alderly edge, then the mistake of not removing swiss hill from the loop and having a v sketchy walk down it on damp cobbles.

    thought i was having a terrible leg day but it was only when i stopped at the 40k mark to see said radar dish i realised my brake was rubbing, embarrassing.

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  • That's no radar, that's Jodrell Bank, and is a big fuck off radio telescope. Stop by next time, there's a nice cafe and a load of interesting information.

  • Oh wow, I assumed it would be one of those places where you get shot for going near the fence.

    I will definitely be making my way to said cafe, love metal structures.

    Felt incredibly utopian sci-fi seeing it

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  • I assumed it would be one of those places where you get shot for going near the fence.

    They host Blue Dot festival there, not Glastonbury.

  • I've also just moved to manchester, to the whalley range area and am very keen to find some gravel/off road routes nearby and nicer routes out of town best source online?

  • Whalley range you're probably best heading to Chorlton water park, then down the canal and onto the trans pennine trail.

  • I could see it out of my bedroom window growing up

  • It could see you.


    I've done that one - good little loop.

    I've done most of this one up to the wind turbines on Scout Moor - never done the return though so might be some exciting downhills to be had - or it's very boring.

    If you find any more please post up routes :)

  • that second route looks like a nice one, nice hill with only a stint of 10%? metal structures? gravel? seems great.

    @fizzy.bleach so you've seen the aliens too then?

  • Yeah it's good fun up to the turbines, as before don't blame me for the return leg it was haphazardly plotted. Keen to ride it though if you want to check it out sometime? You should come to Sandbar on Wed for the weekly ride, sometimes it will involve gravel for which noone has the correct bike for.

    It's a variation of the GB divide route. You could keep going and see where you end up. I did it up to Malham slightly deviating from the route to get onto the road. Was amazing for the most part until the cows refused to move from the path. Bovine cunts.

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  • We've had @Maj along on a few rides now! Though @SoYaap! (untaggable?) could come along too.

    I guess I could bump and link to this:­97/?offset=175#comment13463550

    The community is more active on the 01fix1 fb group

  • I believe we may have briefly met on a WNR, the first one I went on after @alialias invited me, you had the rather lovely Cinelli with basket and bag. I was off the back trying to hold on riding a bowmans

    Would definitely be up for doing this route, I think there was light talk between gravel bike owners for a gravel ride the other week? might be a good candidate, a "run what you brung" mentality, would make for a good time.

  • Pretty great ride which links the fallowfield loop and canals out the Whaley bridge, you get the choice of two monster climbs out the valley. We chose the non brick works one as Google made it look kinda nice? It wasn't , it was hell, but the view was magnificent from the top.
    then it's an incredibly fast A6 blitz to spin out the legs.

    There is also a little mini, but steep ramp in reddish vale park, a good leg tester.

    Nice grav, nice views,

    (Appreciate I'm only posting screenshots, DM me and if you seem not a burglar I'll pass on the Strava links!)

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  • Not sure how I missed this, moved to Manchester just over a year ago now and haven’t been out on my bike enough since. If anyone’s up for a group ride I’d be well up for it!

    Also in levenshulme as of this Friday when I pick up the keys to my house! Looks like we’ll be getting a decent little bike shop/cafe soon!

  • Levy massive represent!

  • levy claims another B)

    there is a weeknight ride with a bunch of very nice people over at 01fix1, you don't need a fixed, there is a few gravel bikes, i ride my road bike. it's a nice 20 mile spin mid week, speed depends who's there that week, good company and some beer. can be found here:­97/?offset=175#comment14905181

    definitely Interested in organising more weekend rides as i try to get in one big ride a week, be it road or gravel. would be good to have company!

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Manchester/peaks/greater Manchester GPX routes/loops/destinations

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