• Just moved to Manchester in the last month, Wondering if anyone has any GPX loops of the local area for road/gravel, or suggestions for good starting / destination spots / roads to avoid/ areas to get out to.

    mapped one or two of my own but the terrain is unfamiliar and roads definitely look less busy on maps than they do when you're riding them and vice versa.

  • Where you living?

  • I have a ridewithgps.com account brimming with routes but I need to put some work in to censor them away from my address. I'll either do that or just post them anyway in the next day or so

  • I'm in levenshulme, seems lovely and great for the commute (I switch to Oxford road at the Lidl on the A6 as it looks like death from then on)

    Happy to train out but if there is a good road in and out of the city I'm missing that would be ace

    @alialias that would be sweet, thank you, but ofc don't dox yourself. Really kind thank you

  • Levy massive represent!
    This one was pretty good, but I was mainly just following Ste (works at Harry Hall, sworn off all social media and the forum) , he knows all the good dust routes.

  • Red house barn farm Dunham Massey gets my vote.

  • First foray into the peaks, should not have taken the quarry road out of Buxton, I was about to pack it in after that

    The descent into bradwell was incredibly pretty, well worth,

    Mam tor I completely under estimated and was thourally reminded of my congenital heart disease, pushed to the top, the other side is 20% descent???!! If it wasn't for the stunning rock formations that line it I would have gone the way I came up.

    Road through hope valley is lovely, was planning to go onto Sheffield but with my heart feeling like it was going to explode I turned round a third of the way up, lovely wide road descent back into the valley, yet more great rock formations,

    Got the train back to manc from hope

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  • Also lol

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  • That train line was closed last week so you where lucky.

  • I've been watching the lines like a hawk, this was planned for last weekend before the floods, weather was actually v nice today.

    Atmospheric gloom and light rain at mam tor where you wanted it, pleasent cloudy sunshine elsewhere, better than the "rain all day" dark sky predicted

  • I've got a picture of that sign.

  • Sounds like quite the day out! A pretty typical intro to hills in the Peaks, steep and horrible.
    I'd totally forgotten about this thread, I'll pm you with that rwgps link now

  • Found some Shatton.

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  • I'm impressed at how well the sticker has held up

  • Looks to me that you'll struggle a bit with some of the Peaks "gravel" on these tires. Still, have a look at the Tissington trail, manifold track, Derwent reservoirs circuit, carsintong water, high peak trail, monsal trail, longendale trail.

  • Yeah I noticed that, my photo was from May 2018, so a high quality job.

  • Get off the train at Whaley or Chapel and avoid Buxton altogether would be my advice.

    There’s a much more gentle way up to Mam Tor from the Rushup Edge side.

    Then the ride out to Sheffield up Stanage Edge is on of the best rides in the Peaks in my opinion.

  • definitely will have a look, will give me ammunition against house mates when they say "do you really need two bikes in the office room?"

    @%~} that route looks.... a lot better...i can finally spend less time pushing more time pedalling

  • also interested in any of these routes, been trawling rwgps and strava.

    Was planning to attempt this next weekend if anyone is interested in joining. Train back from Hebden for me with several cans.


  • Bank Holiday weekend?

  • I'm heading up to the Peaks District next month for a mate's birthday ride - was hoping someone on here could look over the route I've put together? I've only ridden the Peaks once so not sure if there are roads to avoid, better route options etc. We're catching the train up from London in the morning and back in the evening. Was planning on riding out from Chesterfield -this looks like a better route into the Peaks than from Derby or Sheffield.

    Also any highly recommended pub/cafe stops?


    Thanks in advance

  • @The_Seldom_Killer might have an opinion.

  • @Landslide is probably best to ask, especially if you're heading out from that side.

  • That will be a lovely route. Properly lumpy. I don’t know the Chesterfield side too well and not sure what the A619 will be like to ride on. It’s busy but sure you’ll be fine.

    The Packhorse at Great Longstone is one of the best pubs in the Peaks. If you want to eat there, you’ll need to book. There are loads of cafes in Tideswell, Hathersage etc.

  • Aye, looks pretty good that. Lots of climbs that I'd avoid, but I'm guessing that's why you've put them in.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the short stretches of A road, if you're there at a weekend there'll be lots of traffic anyway, which tends to slow things down. Just keep an eye out for people making last minute turns into car parks.
    Coleman's Deli in Hathersage and Café Adventure in Hope are both pretty popular with cyclists.

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Manchester/peaks/greater Manchester GPX routes/loops/destinations

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