• Hi !

    Being a member or LFGSS for a few years I never really took a part in the life of this forum. The fact that I don’t live in London was a good reason for staying in the reader’s zone.

    Since the french forum for fixed gears and bike-related chatter is down again, I am making a move on introducing my bikes.

    Here is the latest I built, a commuter based on a Genesis fork I had in my basement for too long. I wanted to use it, so I found an old french cyclocross frame and tried to make it look consistent.

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  • Hey there! Super cool Vitus, love how you've built it up from the fork!

  • Thanks for your replies !

    Here is another project :

    Sancineto Altec tubing,
    Campagnolo everywhere except headset

    Any thoughts about bartape, saddle and tyres ? I am thinking about a pink tape and a yellow/blue Flite.

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  • Nice project you got there.

  • Thanks :)

  • That's gonna look really good when it's finished. I say black saddle and tape but if you have to have colour then blue tape and yellow saddle.

  • Coucou ;)

    Regarding the Sancineto, +1 for black saddle and bar tape: it cannot go wrong that way!

    Putting colors there might be risky, but if you do, I'd try the opposite i.e. yellow tape and blue saddle: Since colors will probbaly never perfectly match, it's easier to not put them side by side.

  • @Dcls Hello my fellow frenchman !

    Thanks for the replies from all of you. I quit the idea to put colours on the tape and saddle, since the frame is really bright itself.

    I tried with a black Flite I had laying around.

    What are your thoughts ?

    I may change the bars since they don't look as racey as I'd like, plus they are a bit too shallow for my tastes. I'm hesitating between a Classic round one (best option since I already have a spare one) or a compact for a more modern-ish look.

    Here's a quick picture of the bike with the Flite. Black tyres are on their way.

    Thanks for reading

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  • I love contemporary French bicycle tinkering.


  • Flite validated.

  • Thanks @Hulsroy @Dcls !

    Tonight I'd like to write you about my CX.

    This is my oldest project. I built it several ways since the day I bought it in 2014, from a lad I knew on the french pignonfixe.com.

    The frame was sold with the Genesis fork and the Rigida wheels which belong to the Vitus now.

    First version was also my first geared-bike, and the first time I had two bikes at the same time (I now own more than 10 ...).

    Due to the "Shimano" writing in the seat stay I wanted to stick to the Japanese manufacturer to "look pro" lol. The best way to do so was of course by throwing on it the simple 105 8-speed I had on my drawer.

    Apologies for the crappy picture.

    After a few rides in the country side and some painful races, I quickly thought it deserved more than a heavy-duty setting.

    I switched to a Ultegra parts and hopped on the 1x trend train, more because of my laziness regarding the front derailleur than because on any mechanical gain. It derailed more than expected until I found a much needed narrow-wide chainring.

    Here on a nice afternoon ride with a Pan Bagnat and a bottle of Perrier in the front bag.

    Despite the fact that everything on this bike was a mismatch, it all went well until I found a cool carbon fork.

    Even if I really like what they do, I'm not a Fista-kind of man. I had to do a complete makeover. The breaking of the front shifter the very next day I installed the fork dug the last nail in that ugly blue paint's coffin.

    What are your thoughts on the paint and on the groupset I should install ?

    I am planning on a pale green and a Sram 1x groupset.

    Thanks for reading

  • Frame and forks look great together. Don't paint

  • Indeed, don't touch that funky paint combo!

    If you want to change something in the setup, maybe switch the crankset for one more fancy.
    And maybe wheels with traditional/even spoke 'distribution'.

  • @Hulsroy @Dcls The paint is awfully scratched everywhere, especially on the non-drive side where there is a 3 inch paint scratch. Makeover needed.

    Update about the Sancineto. New bars, wheels and bottle cages.

    Feels like another bike !

    About the tyres, what should I take, gumwalls or black ?

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  • Needs some adjustments but this is roughly what I want for this build.

    Any comments are welcome

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  • Nice work. However, the cocottes are way too low on the handlebars, I understand you are trying to achieve a flat transition, but these bars aren't designed with this in mind.

  • That's usually a good rule of thumb.

  • @Lolo I forgot that rule thanks for the reminder !

  • Update about the Menet

    Stickers kindly made by a friend (check his IG @evanoui.cc )

    New paintjob is almost over !

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  • Mockup build for the Menet ! Paintjob is done, just need to set the cables. I am glad that all of the parts are second-hand.

    I'm not used to the Sram shifting system, any tips ?

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  • I'm not used to the Sram shifting system, any tips ?

    Sell it on and buy Shimano instead?

  • Just run SRAM and get used to it?

    I'm running campag/shimano/SRAM. Switching does not take any effort. Just put in the mileage.

  • @Lolo @Carabo I wasn't very clear. I'm asking about the cable tensioning / setting. I plan to do it myself one evening of the week. At least try to, to stay in the "DIY + second-hand" theme.

    Heard many people complaining about the struggle on making the Sram system shift correctly, is it really that complicated ? :)

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Félin the french : Menet makeover, Sancineto stunner, and more to come

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