Girlfriend Bike - Raleigh Wisp Mixte

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  • Want to convert this junior Raleigh into a single speed (probably) commuter for my reluctant to cycle girlfriend.

    First issue finding some alright wheels, the tyres suggest they are 24” 1 3/8 or something like that. I’m guessing some modern 24” wheels will work..

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  • Is your girlfriend quite small?

  • Yes 5 ft 1. Frame measures roughly 48cm

  • It probably has a raleigh threaded bottom bracket. There are no replacements available, so you may have to keep the current chainset.­tml

  • By then even Raleigh had adopted the ISO bottom bracket. Although they did hold out for several decades lol

  • Yeah I’ll probably keep the current chain set.
    The 24 inch wheels on offer seem a little basic, can’t really see any road specific ones.

  • Can you not just rebuild/regrease the hubs and true up the current wheels or are they trashed?
    It’s a cute bike but I’d leave everything as is just completely disassemble and rebuild from the bottom up. Prob just needs chain, tyres, cables, brake pads and a lot of love.
    You could sort it for £50 or accidentally spend a ton on it and still end up with a lemon...

  • Yeah not looking to do anything too drastic/spend to much.

    Good/reasonable junior 24 inch wheels don’t seem to exist (decathlon seem to be the best option...) so will probably switch out a few bits (bars, levers, saddle) and see if I can get it running a bit less clunky!

  • Are they steel rims? Probably need to put some pads for steel rims on. Those V-pads won't do much.

  • Thanks, yes good point.

  • Cleaned up the seatpost a bit and swapped out the drops for parts bin flat bars and some stx levers

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  • Nice bike, they are a bit heavy but still a nice bike.

    In theory, to make it a single speed you could just unscrew the freehub and screw on a single speed cog. You should redish the wheel bit not sure if that would be a good idea as the spokes and nipples can be quite corroded together.

    All I can say is sometimes the cotter pins can be a git to get out. If you replace them get the correct ones.

  • Probably going to keep it as is, not worth the faff.

    Need to buy some bits

    • Wald basket or similar
    • grips
    • new 540-37 tyres would like gum walls if they exist in the odd size
    • new cables

    Current chain could be alright

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Girlfriend Bike - Raleigh Wisp Mixte

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