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  • Want to convert this junior Raleigh into a single speed (probably) commuter for my reluctant to cycle girlfriend.

    First issue finding some alright wheels, the tyres suggest they are 24” 1 3/8 or something like that. I’m guessing some modern 24” wheels will work..

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  • Is your girlfriend quite small?

  • Yes 5 ft 1. Frame measures roughly 48cm

  • It probably has a raleigh threaded bottom bracket. There are no replacements available, so you may have to keep the current chainset.

  • By then even Raleigh had adopted the ISO bottom bracket. Although they did hold out for several decades lol

  • Yeah I’ll probably keep the current chain set.
    The 24 inch wheels on offer seem a little basic, can’t really see any road specific ones.

  • Can you not just rebuild/regrease the hubs and true up the current wheels or are they trashed?
    It’s a cute bike but I’d leave everything as is just completely disassemble and rebuild from the bottom up. Prob just needs chain, tyres, cables, brake pads and a lot of love.
    You could sort it for £50 or accidentally spend a ton on it and still end up with a lemon...

  • Yeah not looking to do anything too drastic/spend to much.

    Good/reasonable junior 24 inch wheels don’t seem to exist (decathlon seem to be the best option...) so will probably switch out a few bits (bars, levers, saddle) and see if I can get it running a bit less clunky!

  • Are they steel rims? Probably need to put some pads for steel rims on. Those V-pads won't do much.

  • Thanks, yes good point.

  • Cleaned up the seatpost a bit and swapped out the drops for parts bin flat bars and some stx levers

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  • Nice bike, they are a bit heavy but still a nice bike.

    In theory, to make it a single speed you could just unscrew the freehub and screw on a single speed cog. You should redish the wheel bit not sure if that would be a good idea as the spokes and nipples can be quite corroded together.

    All I can say is sometimes the cotter pins can be a git to get out. If you replace them get the correct ones.

  • Probably going to keep it as is, not worth the faff.

    Need to buy some bits

    • Wald basket or similar
    • grips
    • new 540-37 tyres would like gum walls if they exist in the odd size
    • new cables

    Current chain could be alright

  • Does anyone know how good/bad black/white tyres look on an old bike?
    I've been looking for amber walled 37-540 tyres to no avail.
    White/black is available or black.

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  • Cheapest way to go singlespeed is too use the middle crank ring gear and the middle off cassette done it on my daughters bike.

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  • 24 x 1 3/8 is a standard wheelchair size (i think). Maybe try searching down that route. I know Schwalbe definitely do other colour ways, such as the ever popular ‘hospital grey’ in that size.

  • The grey is awful! White & black looks okay in the picture but I can't seem to find a picture of a bike with in on.

  • I think I'm going to keep the 1x5 speed (or whatever it is) have bought a new (old) set of wheels which I am going to swap over, that run a bit smoother.

  • No reason not to. Its friction shifting so if she doesn't like it just find the correct gear and don't shift. Plus always have the extra gears for hills. The freewheel will take forever to wear out too.

  • Bits ready.. except brake pads, bought cantilever ones by accident

  • ..

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Raleigh Wisp Mixte

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