• Hi..i want to run a 11-34 or maybe a 11-36 cassette on my touring bike. I have a 10 speed set up with a FSA modular energy Evo 386 46/30 chainset with Shimano 105 5700 shifters and front and rear mechs. So I know I have to change something but want to change as little as possible. I know I can get a Shimano Tiagra set of 10 speed shifters, plus front and rear mechs but wondering about a Shimano XT m772 rear mech.(probably the long cage version with 45t capacity...16 +23=39 or 16+25=41...which would preclude thecGS version with a capacity of 35t)..which I know is 9 speed but according to research and it is somewhat contradictory...that the pull on the XT m772 rear mech is identical to the pull on my 10 speed 5700 shifters...if so the set up should work...just would like your opinion....been told by CRC and Wiggle that it won't work but some internet sources say otherwise...so I am confused...anybody know?

  • I use a 9 speed XTR mech with 5700 10 speed shifters on a 10 speed 11-36 cassette. Works fine. I used a 9 speed XT mech with the same shifters/cassette, again with no issue.

    I would recommend sourcing a none shadow 9 speed mech (eg m771) as they are more durable in my experience than the shadow mechs. With your chainset you will need a long cage mech.

  • Thank you for your reply...wonder why Wiggle/CRC said otherwise?...What is inherently wrong with 'shadow' technology? Do I take it that your XTR/XT rear mechs are non shadow?

  • I am not Wiggle but maybe just giving you the stock Shimano answer to cover their arse when your mech explodes for some other reason, breaks your frame and flattens a whole suburb. Has worked fine for me for 8000kms on one bike and 5000kms on another.

    I just find shadow stuff works really well but is more flimsy than the previous none shadow stuff. Probably just me. Yes, M970 and M771.

  • See what you mean about wiggle cover there behinds and found Merlin selling the M771 for £43....a further question...from further reading after your first reply...barrel adjusters...one article says these must be added...is that difficult to do it source. .. Sorry, if this is a stupid question....but better to ask now... Again thank you for your input.

  • Yeah its a good point, m771 doesnt have an inline barrel adjuster so if not using one on the down tube, then need one for front and rear mech. Think you can pick them up from crc or merlin or Planetx for a couple of quid each. What bike/ frame is this going on? Ran mine on a Fargo and now on a Sonder Camino Ti.
    Edit - ignore my last comment

  • Thank you amigo...now know what to do....a final question... Can the 771 run with 11-36?.... cheers.....Nye

  • I ran a deore m592 mech with the 105 5700 shifters and 11-36/50-34 for a good 4000km with no problems at all...

    Stated capacity is only 34 but you'll be fine, that's just shimano legalese

  • I have checked on in line barrel adjusters 👍.....but 11-36👎......can't win every thing....but velosaurus, I am indebted to you.

  • Yes. Used the following set up on Fargo. 5700 10 speed shifters, m771 long cage rear mech, m785 double hdm front mech, 11-36 xt cassette, knc 10 speed chain, xt m785 chainset with 24/38 rings. Used that set up for NC500, SDW in a day, Ridgeway in a day, gravel dash, GDMBR.

  • Do I need to change my front mech? Currently Shimano 105 5700?

  • Find best thing is to try it and see. I am using a 30/46 chainset and 10 speed xt 11-36/Xtr m970 on camino ti and using an Ultegra 6700 10 speed mech. Was fiddly to set up but works fine now.

  • Eh 11-36 will be fine!

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Shimano 11-34 cassette comparability issue with 10 speed 105 5700 drive train

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