Better alternatives to cycling jerseys

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  • Given your user name I would recommend looking at polo shirts and t shirts here
    I bought a couple in 2010, still look as fresh as when I got them, and perform as well as any cycling fabric. Lots of fabric options. Not very slim fitting though.

  • Hot weather: Buttoned collared shirt that's loose fit - I like older Rohan models with two pockets
    Colder weather: Lightweight or heavyweight merino base layer
    Bibs underneath if it's a long ride
    Lightweight shorts - I like rab grey ones

    ^ this has been flawless for any ride I've done in the last 5 years!

    Also carrying stuff in pockets is naff however you do it. Fix your pump to your frame, and get a little saddle bag / stem bag / whatever for tools and food.

  • Agreed carrying stuff in pockets is not ideal/needed when on the bike but they come come in really useful when off the bike if you're touring.

  • Big fan of the new Morvelo overland shirts, the only thing I dislike are the button holes!

    wear mine all the time, brought 2 in the end and got a better deal.

    Also a fan of the shimano transit shorts, then a pair of bibs under neath and a t shirt - again morvelo do some nice tech tees but price soon adds up!

  • Highly support buttoned hiking shirts, unbutton them for some airflow, button them up for the drizzle. Old Rohan is plentiful + affordable on the bay of dreams too.

    Decathlon stem bag + barbag combo for #20 in total for ur food/spare tubes/whatever crap.

  • I have a lil decathlon packable bum bag that I unspool when I reach my destination. Cost about #3.­t-travel-bumbag-grey-id_8356619.html

    Also I tend to wear normal trousers / shirts which also all have pockets.

    Also if you're getting an 'insulation layer' try to get one with pockets, normally once you're off bike you need to put your layer on.

  • sounds like you and I would get on well !

  • @jaeyukdapbap makes a bar bag with a waist strap. He and another had them on the RTC ride and they looked good and spacious on the bike and off

  • I bought a pair of these:­-baggy-short-EV265701

    and promptly bought another pair. Best pair of cycling shorts I have owned, much better than the Rapha Touring shorts or the older fixed shorts they did and I own. And much better than any of the Swrve kit I have had. The reason? The best designed pockets I have come across. The usual front ones but they have two zip-up backwards facing ones on the side rather than at the back. Those two backwards ones eliminate the need for a jersey with its pockets.

    Unfortunately it looks like Evans are discontinuing them but if they are the right size £22.50 is a serious bargain. The finish is as good as Rapha too.

  • Thanks @stelfox subtle spam

    Second the above! They are amazing for the money. I've ridden in my pair to work every day for about 3 years and worn them through every tour I've been on in that time. They finally split this week (aggravated by a Brooks Cambium). Wish I had bought more...

  • Lots of tie-dyeing of white jerseys going on these days, this June 2018 campaign from Rapha is a prime example. Rider is Cole Maness, I think he did that sportwool jersey himself.

    Folks have been tie-dyeing white technical tees as well. Just make sure to douse yourself in patchouli oil when you wear it, and keep fresh flowers in your bar bag.

  • Jura cycle clothing make some nice classic looking jerseys with pockets and without logos on

  • I'm after some shorts of exactly this description so it's a real shitter they're discontinued. Will keep a look out, thanks.

  • First posts by me were 11 years ago.

    Merging of accounts has confused the system as to my joining date

  • Seriously the pockets are genius. We need to petition Evans.

  • Really well made as well, nice and thin merino so work well as winter wear with a base layer or spring/autumn on their own.

    Plenty of discount codes as well for 10-20 % off

  • Went full craghopper today and it worked really well - hiking shorts and kiwi long sleeve shirt over the top of bibs and a merino base. Not only was I comfy, I also looked like A Certain Ratio in 1981....

  • And absolutely boiling?

  • Nope, I don’t run massively hot (weirdly for a fat bloke) and I’ll always have a base layer on, only a very thin one. I wasn’t any hotter than usual that’s for sure.

  • Any significant ride i'm in bibs with some cut off jeans over them or MTB shorts.
    Usually always in merino and then an overshirt from someone like Rab if necessary. Can wear merino for a couple of days if you need to

  • Or for a couple of weeks...

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Better alternatives to cycling jerseys

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