Better alternatives to cycling jerseys

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  • For long distance rides, i find i need some padded lycra shorts for riding. I'm OK with that. However, your classic cycling jersey with all the logos and stuff doesn't make me feel great wearing it. On the other hand, the pockets are real handy...

    Has anyone got a solution of how to avoid the classic cycling jersey, but still get the function? I just don't want to look like someone taking it all a bit too seriously

    I was considering tie dying a white jersey, but I'm not sure how achievable that is...

    I also wish someone would just make some tight denim cutoff shorts with a chamois

  • Rapha cargo shorts is good for pockets, then you can wear whatever on top

  • I just don't want to look like someone taking it all a bit too seriously

    Sounds like you're taking it pretty seriously.

    I used to avoid a lot of lycra, for similar reasons, and some others. Then I realised it really was the most functional and effective gear for cycling.

    I sometimes wear t shirts and shorts on 'casual' longer rides but it's definitely less comfortable, for me anyway.

    You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and works best for you. I guess if jean shorts are comfortable for 200k you should go for it...

  • I used to be a big cut off Dickies fan but...
    1) Modern Dickies stuff is so shit. I have a set of cut off work pants that I made when I was about 18 (18 years ago) nd they are still going strong, a pair of modern premade shorts I have wore through in the arse after about 6 months.

    2) I can't get on with the style of the pockets anymore. I never used to notice it but if you put a phone, wallet or allen key set in the front pocket and ride the pocket inevitably ends up flipped backwards and hanging down which just feels weird.

  • Cut off jeans and courier bags for bike rides. Welcome to 2007 lfgss

  • It was a golden era...

  • not jorts, but practical­ois-work-shorts

    Those actually look pretty sweet. Maybe something a little tighter would work even better, but that's not bad

  • I tend to use mtb shorts for commuting or just faffing about rides, and have some good older black Fox shorts that are pretty good quality and a good cut (not baggy) and can pass as non-dad cargos similar to this

    with the big plus being that you can run whatever lycra shorts under

  • Yeah they look good. Jeans style pockets for the win.

  • There are millions of non-branded cycling jerseys without any logos on them at all. They're very easy to find, just walk into any bike shop. They're also available in any colour, so why would you try to dye a white jersey?

  • Seems like a good idea then you end up with a flapping sweat soaked sail slowing you down

    Look around, there are plenty of non-races looking jersey without a load of logos and sponsors

    Torm are understated and cheap, as you go up the price bar; la passionne, cafe du cyclist, morvelo, all do more subtle stuff there are loads.

    Rapha and Morvelo both do bibs with pockets so you could ride with a wickable t-shirt on top and still be able to carry stuff. You could even wear an MTB top.

  • Cut off jeans and courier bags for bike rides. Welcome to 2007 lfgss

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    It was a golden era...

    ^Joined 2012

    My personal attitude to what to wear is most cycling kit made for road (whether racing or more relaxed)/mtb/bike packing is designed to work, so find brands that work for you and fit well.

    Remember to anyone that doesn’t ride you look like a massive tit anyway no matter what you wear...

  • You will still be waddling around in bibshorts off the bike, regardless of the shirt. Just go with it and enjoy looking like a cyclist, who cares?

  • Just shop at Prendas and buy a full replica Mapei kit!

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    Ha ha, pwned

  • I was considering tie dying a white jersey, but I'm not sure how achievable that is...

    It's very achievable

  • A little handle bar bag could possible hold some of the gear you have in your Jersey pockets, allowing you to wear whatever type of top you would like. I think various companies make like, cycling polos that look a bit less Jersey like but still have pockets. To me they still look like too much but YMMV.

    I think jorts atop bibs are a good move if you need the function of the pad but want the look of jorts. Also on the cargo shorts angle, Decathlon has a pair of bike shorts with pockets, not tried them yet but they seem promising.­s-shorts-black-id_8502467.html

    Tie dying a jersey seems pretty fun but you might not get good results with sports fabrics so watch out.

    Personally think jerseys are the wackiest piece of cycle clothing. I get why people wear them but it's not for me. When history is written they'll go down with fuel subsidies and poor urban planning as the things that held cycling back.

  • Rapha tech t and cargo bibs looks a nice combo though.

  • If you want pockets, understated cycling jersey.
    If you don't, Icebreaker 100% merino t-shirt. Spendy but you only need 1, even for multi-day rides.

  • second this, done a couple of tours in a decath running tee and cargo bibs, works exceptionally well

    if you throw a flannel over you also happen to look like someone who reads too much radavist, this may be a positive of negative depending on personal beliefs

  • the howies merino jerseys aren't flashy or race fit, look decent as a top when off the bike, and also on sale at the mo.

  • I've gone down the linen shirt rather than flannel and did feel like I was dangerously close to owning a boat.

  • I toured last year with Wapha cargo bibs, slim t-shirt/basketball vest and sidi MTB shoes. Was very comfortable the whole trip and didn't feel like a plum popping into supermarkets etc. If i didn't have the cargo pockets i would of wanted a jersey. Note if your wearing bibs and trainers then your top is the least of your problems.

    I wear Swrve slim shorts every day and they're the best commuting thing ever but they bind like a bitch on longer rides. Same with any other slim shorts i've put over bibs.

  • Chapeau used to do cotton (well, bamboo) jerseys. Pockets and zips in the same place as normal, same cut, just not Lycra. Looks like they’ve discontinued them though :(

    Edit: called the cafe jersey range

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Better alternatives to cycling jerseys

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