Look KG381 Jalabert edition, full bike with Campag, 3T, Veloflex

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  • I'm selling my beloved Look KG381. Rides like a dream. This was the frame that Jalabert, Stuey O'Grady etc rode in the 2003 Tour.

    Frame is in good condition with a few small scratches here and there but nothing bad.
    Size 53

    One of the bolts for the water bottle holder on the seat tube has threaded, I have been told that it is easily fixable by a bike shop.

    • Shifters - Campag 10 spd Centaur
    • Rear Mech - Campag 11 spd Chorus (yes this works perfectly with a 10 speed setup)
    • Front Mech - Campag 10 Spd Centaur
    • Brakes - Campag skeleton Chorus
    • Crankset - Campag Compact Centaur (Ultra Torque and Carbon)
    • Wheels - Campag Shamal 10 spd 2000 (black). These are fairly sought after as they have even spoke placement, much more aesthetically pleasing than the '3G' Shamals that followed. Fitted with Veloflex master tyres (25c) gum walls.
    • Finishing Kit -3T Stem and 3T ergonova bars, Nokon cabling

    I'm keeping the saddle and pedals.

    £650 for the whole
    Or if split:
    Frame, forks, seat post, headset - £300
    Wheels (no tyres or tubes) : £250

    I'll probably keep the rest unless someone wants it and makes me an offer

    collected from Clapton E5, Central London or somewhere in London by arrangement

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  • Do you know the size of this bicycle?

  • size and geo chart inserted above

  • Lovely bike! Geo is a small for my gf unfortunately, otherwise would have defo taken it. GLWS

  • Cheers, it really is an amazing bike to ride.

  • £750 anyone?

  • Dropped to £725

  • stunning bike

  • I would be interested in the wheels if you would consider splitting?

  • happy to if someone buys the rest of it

  • Bump. Price drop to £650

  • No interest? Is this wildly overpriced or have I missed something?

  • have I missed something

    Is it not obvious? Clean your bike, degrease the drivetrain, wax the frame. Speaking as someone is the target market my first impression is that bike is not looked after and will need a full strip and rebuild with new cables and new bearings throughout, possibly chain and cassette too.

    As an aside no one seems to buy full road bikes on here anymore.

  • Crikey, wax the frame? thats hilarious, come on.
    Cables are in perfect working condition and don't need changing, don't know where that came from.
    Chain has a tiny bit of grease on it but thats because its been ridden every now and again. Ill clean it for whoever buys it.
    Whole bike is in excellent working condition and is clean, been kept inside always and rarely ridden in anything but good weather. Ive sold plenty of full road bikes in much poorer condition with no complaints.

    If a little bit of dirt on the brakes and chain is stopping you buying the bike then you are in the market for a new bike, not a second hand one.

  • Lovely bike. I used to have one of these myself which I actually sold on the forum 4-5 years ago.

    I think what Lolo is getting at is that a little shine up would go a long way that’s all. Might be a bit pedantic to some but I guess it just shows it’s been looked after (which we all know it has been!)

    Seems like a good price to me anyway - maybe it would be worth splitting it up as there will always be interest in the rest of the parts :)

  • A clean, shiny bike makes a good first impression. There's the implication (rightly or wrongly) that it has always been looked after.

    As for wax, a sample tub of automotive wax costs £5 and takes 10 minutes max to apply. It offers a bit of protection, repels dirt, makes the frame shine. What's so funny about that?

  • It dumbfounds me when folk put something up for sale and it’s caked in crud.

    Make it look nice and it’ll stand a better chance of selling surely?

    Even a quick whores bath with a couple of baby wipes will make it look far more appealing.

  • damn I clearly have much lower cleanliness standards than others!

  • yeah a split may be on the cards. They are amazing bikes to ride

  • Still for sale?

  • Lol bump. A deal to be had because of a non shiny bike.

  • Dibs bars, stem and cables if split - also seatpost!

  • Might be interested in the frame, sending a pm

  • Looks like it's time to split it then:

    Frame, forks, seat post, headset - £300
    Wheels (no tyres or tubes) : £250

    I'll probably keep the rest unless someone wants it and makes me an offer

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Look KG381 Jalabert edition, full bike with Campag, 3T, Veloflex

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