Track Legal & Street practical.

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  • @YaniKani does this. cycling to LVV with his track bike

  • Yeah it doesn't look drillable

  • Yes I do! Its a faff, but works for me for going to LV. It really comes down to personal choice. What is important is to understand the danger of having a dirty or wet bike on the track, which is a big no-no, so if cleaning the bike between road and track better do it properly!

    So riding in with track gearing, taking it slowly and avoiding running over unidentified brown bits, then brake goes off and bike wiped clean. This includes frame and wheels, wheels more carefully so nothing is there that could cause a punture later on - dont want a puncture on clinchers on the track... I tried changing the gearing for off and on the track, but it becomes way more complicated and messy.

  • Thanks. Appreciate the info.

  • I have a mate who rides his 98" from Sutton to HHV. Good strength training...

  • I may sell my Trek T1 soon, and am also 5'11. It is already drilled for a front brake - I used to ride to the velodrome on it too since I'm quite close, but since I changed the wheels to tubulars I haven't bothered...­

  • thats' a nice frame

  • Can anyone recommend a front brake for the pre cursa?
    Caliper, lever etc.

  • I have a mate who rides his 98" from Sutton to HHV. Good strength training...

    Or a good way to wreck your knees! Nah fair play if he manages to ride 98" on the street, definitely not something I'd want to be doing.

  • Any old brake caliper, a simple Tektro one will do. And for the lever is best to search for a "cross top" one to make sure you don't get one that works with V brakes.
    Like this­-brake-caliper-id_8531209.html­cycle-Levers-31-8MM/dp/B01F0F0G76/ref=as­c_df_B01F0F0G76

    You can probably find them cheaper

  • Was looking at the Dia Compe BRS 100, but wasn't sure about the drop/reach!

  • When I rode to Herne hill sessions, has a fixed fixed hub, so track gearing on one side, road gearing on the other. Allowed me to just flip the wheel and be ready to go. Think it’s a tooth per cm of dropout, so you can get the chain tension right.

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Track Legal & Street practical.

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