Track Legal & Street practical.

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  • 8 months later I still have not replaced my Cinelli Mystic pasted here.­15/?offset=14150#comment14522561

    I want to get something track legal I can ride on the Stratford Velodrome, but will also use as a commuter in rotation with my steel frame beater for bad weather or what ever reason.

    Dolan TC1 has looked like the best option for a long time,­bikes/track-bikes/track-aluminium/dolan-­tc1.html

    but I have not been completely sure about it hence the 8 months... Now I decided to go ahead and it's out of stock.

    Looking around again I found some options. This "Unknown Bikes" setup looks tempting:­ixed-gear-bikes/products/singularity-bla­ck?variant=39943615434

    Anybody know anything about the quality and reliability of these bikes?

    also State Bicycle Co:­ixed-gear-bikes/products/undefeated-2-ph­oton-blue-edition?variant=28071282016340­

    also other options on:­ixed-gear-bikes/type_criterium-track

    Was previously looking at either the Aventon or the Viper from BLB.­-mataro-fixie-single-speed-bike-white­er-complete-bike-beginner

    I have a £700 ride to work voucher to spend, which applies to Dolan,, and BLB.

    And I want something that is track legal, so geometry, bb height, etc are a must. I can spend a little more if I must, but want something that I will not be too worried to use for commuting etc also.

    Any help advice on these or any others would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dolan, keep eye out for 2nd hand on fb etc.

    Commuting in bad weather & cleaning for indoor use would be a right PITA over time though IMO.

  • Yup, plan to use old beater in bad weather.

  • New Ribble track bike is awesome: proper track geo, in your budget and they do cycle to work schemes.­iminator-al/

  • Any proper track bike with a drilled fork and a brake lever with an opening clamp (e.g. Cane Creek crosstop) will do the trick. Avoid those fixies you linked to. The undrilled Alpina track forks on the Dolan have an aluminium crown and have loads of meat on them for drilling.

  • New Ribble track bike is awesome

    Thanks, looks like an option worth exploring, although mo real options on components or colour etc from what I can see.

  • It looks like the best deal for a velodrome ready bike at the moment is this Vitus from Wiggle. It has an already drilled fork so you just need a caliper + lever­-bike-2019/

  • Avoid those fixies you linked to.

    U wouldn't trust the forks? Which one?

  • Vitus from Wiggle

    includes Sram Onium chainset. That is quite a bit if bike for ur buck...

  • It looks to be the same as the Easyway Esaki which a good few people on here bought. Wiggle own the Vitus brand so it's probably just a different name on the downtube.

  • Nothing to do with the forks - you asked for something to do track duty with. Sure the others are technically track legal, but if you turn up at the velodrome with 88mm deep clinchers sprayed fluoro pink and green and Black Mambas skidded down to the belts you're probably going to get laughed out.

  • 88mm deep clinchers sprayed fluoro pink and green and Black Mambas

    lol,,, indeed.

  • Was about pull the trigger and go with the "Vitus from Wiggle", mainly the chainset and the price, which meant I could also add a pair of sidi road shoes and some cycle clothing to my basket for under the £700 mark.

    Sadly got this reply from Wiggle when checking how to go a head with the cycle to work.

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    To place a Cycle to Work order please see the guidelines below;

    First off, you’ll need to go to our Cycle to Work website:

    If an item isn't listed on here it sadly cannot be purchased under the Cycle to Work scheme.

    Back to a stat of uncertainty .

    The Ribble track bike looks like a solid choice, website says it's 7.05kgs where the Vitus is 8.5 and the Geometry is just what I wanted. Just wish it came in black, should not care probably 🥴

  • You may want to check with Ribble about their cycle to work. In years gone by they used to add 10% to the price if it was a cycle to work order. Not sure if that is still the case.

  • Thought I would bump this rather than starting a new thread. I'm looking to buy a track bike now that I have my accreditation at the Lea Valley Velodrome. I've seen a good second hand deal on one of these but badged as a TIFOSI.

    • Is that a good starter/basic racing bike?
    • Does anyone know if you can drill the fork? I need to ride to the velodrome from London Fields.
    • Anyone selling a better alternative? Budget up to £500
  • Is that a good starter/basic racing bike? - I think they are fairly low end/cheaply made. That said, there's not much to go wrong on a track bike so its unlikely to be horrendously bad.

    Does anyone know if you can drill the fork? I need to ride to the velodrome from London Fields. - I'd give this careful consideration. Nobody is riding to the Glasgow 'drome and taking the bike they rode there on, or any part of it, on the track. Even in the summer nobody is riding in and changing wheels etc. I think one guy did try it and he changed his wheels, chainring and chain and found it too much hassle. There is a guy rides over with an entire bike on his back, both wheels off and straps it all to his bag. Think he black bags it all first if its wet. He isn't coming very regularly.

    You probably need to factor in carrying:

    • Wheels - unless you want to spend more time cleaning the tyres you just rode through dogshit/glass/grit/fuck knows what than you do riding the track.
    • A change of shoes - riding a track bike which you won't fit guards on at this time of year your feet will get wet. This isn't a comfort issue but rather the coaches and management won't want your manky wet shoes dirtying up the track.
    • Cloths/baby wipes - to clean your bike so it's not dropping road crud all over the track/infield. And if it was in Glasgow you'd be doing that cleaning outside so that you weren't making the infield all dirty.
    • Chainrings/sprockets and possibly a chain - no matter how hard you think you are you won't be riding a useful track gear on the road. Chain might be required due to length and also cleanliness.

  • ^ same would apply in MCR.

  • Yeah I ended up doing nearly that list for going to Lee Valley. I'd ride over with a different rear wheel with street gear and the rear track wheel on my bag, then swap that over, wipe down the frame, change the chain to one I only use indoors, wipe down the tyres and take off the brake lever and calliper. It doesn't actually take too long but is definitely a faff.

  • If you are looking for a 52cm I am still selling this. Is good bike, is fast bike. We can talk price if you're interested­72/

  • Good to hear your thoughts on riding to the velodrome. I wasn't convinced, but it was one of the coaches that said it would be fine, in fact a couple of people doing the accreditation last night rode there and then cleaned the wheels. I won't be using the bike at all outside this - is 90" insane to ride on the road for 15 mins?

    I don't own a car and I think all the storage space there has a wait list/expensive. How does everyone else do it?

  • Thanks but I'm 5'11 so 54/56 depending on geo.

  • is 90" insane to ride on the road for 15 mins?

    You'll be fine but make sure to have a front brake.

  • No worries!

    For what it's worth I used to ride 15-20 mins to Herne Hill on track gearing, usually around 86gi since I never was fast enough to need 90+ :( . It takes 2-3 mins to fit / remove a front brake once you've done it a few times. And even if you go brklss don't ride like you're on a track bike, ride like you're on a pashley and you'll be fine. Leave a bit earlier, take everything easier, nbd. I would suggest a brake getting to and from the velodrome and then yeah give the rubber a wipe down and you'll be grand

  • 100% using a front brake, not sure if that fork will take one/be easily drilled though.

  • Re drilling the fork - PX say the fork is full carbon so I guess drilling for a front brake is a bad idea?

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Track Legal & Street practical.

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