Fillet brazed Roberts build

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  • Yeah, gotta say the same - of all the groups I’ve had I’ve put the most miles on sram 10 and only issues I’ve had have been the same small metal clip snapping on two sets of shifters from crash/drops etc... sram are annoying in that they don’t readily sell small spares...

  • I’m hunting but have missed a few good deals, these for example -­90/#comment15175002

  • Not too wild, a bit maybe... something like these

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  • No still very much on the want list but I’ve not decided between keeping it quill or going ahead...

  • Is that the one that August repaired? Not sure on the year, will ask the original owner...

  • I genuinely don't get on with DoubleTap but it's just bantz you know... You can always upgrade later.

    Mounts for a Nitto M18 would be nice, but I'd be a bit concerned the road geo might not lend itself to a touring set-up with loaded panniers on low-riders.

  • They did work to it, yes

  • Has this been resolved?

    I need to make some choices re: forks, headsets, stem and bars...
    currently have a ck no thread fitted but crown race is on the steel forks which are threaded. I’ve seen that @gaston has been running an ahead stem on a threaded fork with no issues... I was tempted to try the same thing, will there be flames and death?

    I have the Campagnolo 1” that came on the frame that I could fit the Columbus minimals with (as it have the correct crown race on and I’ve not got a removal tool to switch out for the ck).

    Or I could put a threaded headset on, with a Cinelli quill and soma bars... 🤷♂️

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  • Find a Roberts fork with a longer steerer or have it replaced or extended

  • I'd go for a tigged steel ITM crystal quill stem tbh, my go to choice for skinny retro frames.

    Really don't like ahead convertors very much but they're safer than using the comparatively limited surface contact of clamping onto a threaded steerer-I think there's a much greater risk of twisting the bars loose under duress that I'd prefer not to risk personally.

  • If you do go for longer forks I'll take yir current ones tho!

  • Holy shit that’s a lot of empty space in the stem, I’d stay strictly quill if that’s what you’re working with.
    Actually, if you can deal with the extra grams maybe put one of those Nitto threadless adapters into the fork to beef it up and give the stem something to hold on to?

  • These are pretty classic looking but stiff-3ttt pro chrome...

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  • Well the plan was to send these forks off for 1”threadless steerer and rack mounts, but that then means I’d want a steel ahead stem from Winston as well. If I stick to the minimals and Campagnolo headset then I’d still want a nice ahead stem...

    I could just leave the forks threaded and use what I have and get it on the road... then if I sell the carbon forks and ck hs that would help towards cost of rack and mounts... Hmm...

    I think I want too much out of this bike - I’m curious to see how older steel feels with modern group and a carbon fork and wide wheels but also want something pretty I can hang a couple of bags on, with guards, Dynamo and lights for ‘commuting/light touring’

    I’ll try both starting with steel forks, threaded headset and quill...

  • tbh it's never going to be a decent touring frame, light stuff with bags, sure. If there's space for guards I'd go for that only rather than wanting some beefy rack setup when the tubeset's not really what you'd want for it.

    I had steel and carbon forks on my MAX frame and really didn't make much odds, for the weight penalty you get a comfier ride in some respects but flexier stem/bar interface too compared to full carbon and ahead stem setup. My main reason to go for a steel ahead would be the look, ultimately.

  • Yeah, I know this, just thought it would be a laugh trying to make it a bit different to the other bikes I’m building. As I don’t have a crown race tool to get the campag race off the carbon forks and don’t have a bodge-able headset that works with the steel ones I’m going with the chorus and minimals, ti ahead stem and compact bars for now.

    Roberts fork will have to wait, not like I’m going touring anytime soon anyway!

    Cheers for the input all!

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  • Make this a nice all-round road bike*. IME the modern stuff that really makes a difference is ergonomics (hoods, compact bars) and wider rims. All the rest is pretty marginal in normal riding conditions.

    *non-lugged frames with vertical dropouts and clearance for more than 23c tyres are actually not that common.

  • You could use a razor blade and a small hammer to get the crown race moving, then a small screwdriver as a lever to remove completely.

  • Yeah good plan... I’m a few tins past capable now though so...
    I’ve tried before on another carbon fork and dented the race with the screwdriver, Campagnolo races seem softer than I’d consider ideal...

  • Yeah I hear you - this can take 27mm tyres on hed Belgium which I’ve not been able to do before 👍🏻👍🏻

    Could probably get 30’s in under the fork...

  • Minimals and Campagnolo headset on that frame looks pretty solid to me, I wouldn't stress too much about the other forks/headset (at least until you get bored in a few months/years :)). Nice wheels.

    Too early to tell whether the Ti stem works, or whether a black stem would work better. Need to see the full build. Black hoods though, Shirley?

  • Yeah, minimals and campag look nice...

    Re wheels for this I've got the choice between pink CK x Hed as pictured or some silver hope/dynamo on grey archetype... had planned to dynamo this and put the CK on a Look I'm building but think these look better on the frame.

    I'm also hoping to fit a ti seatpost to match the stem. I've not got a pair of black hoods in the house so white it is for now!

  • Ti seatpost won’t go any further (don’t want to really force it!) I guess EL OS tubes have a taper to the BB shell that stopping me... might have to cut the post down - it’s waaay too long anyway...

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  • Turns out it didn’t get in as far as I’d thought...

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  • Looks like a bike @jammy would ride

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Fillet brazed Roberts build

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