Fillet brazed Roberts build

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  • Er yeah!!! PMing now!

  • So some legit Roberts forks are an option... could work well but not sure I want to go down the threaded fork and quill route... decisions decisions!

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  • Get Winston to swap steerer

  • I've got a pic of that Lee Cooper saved :)

    Also can't go wrong with Ultegra 6800.

  • Yeah that’s a plan - also found these which I quite like, not sure which Columbus tubing they are but the crown looks like a non pantographed Daccordi 50th anniversary one... I think it could look good with this frame 🤷♂️
    Also found new Columbus minimal for £160 which is more than I want to spend...

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  • Flappy brake levers tho :(

  • Personally I would go for either the pantograph one or a flat crown one like a Richard Sachs

  • Yeah I hear you... the more I’m thinking about it the more I know I’ll regret not picking up the ‘matching’ Roberts panto forks while I can...

    Flat crown silver bikes I’ve had a thing for in the past include this Feather, more inspo I guess... if I go for the Roberts fork and ask Winston to sort the steerer I might ask him to make me a stem to have painted to match the frame and fork. I also think these Columbus curve carbon ones might look a lot better colourmatched to the frame

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  • Pulled the trigger on the Roberts panto’d forks and a black ck Sotto Voce hs for this... I think I’m going to go for black/grey kit as I’m also building an Alan super record in all silver as a winter commuter.
    Still undecided on group 🤷♂️

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  • saddlewise I’m either going for a cambium or if I can find a Selle Italia Regal e urban I’d really like to try it out - anyone got one going spare?

  • What's wrong with the headset in place already?

  • I have a dynamo wheelset that I would like use on this build - before finding the Roberts fork I had an idea that I wanted to get flat crown forks made and integrate the dynamo wiring and cache battery and kit within the ds fork leg. I’ve seen an old lightweight tt bike on Hilary stone with the fork crown tops cut out (for lightweight) and had wondered about doing the same but 3D printing a plug to fit and allow the cable to come out of the top of the fork neatly.

    Ultimately I want to be able to charge a phone/GPS and run a front light off the front wheel but think that ‘the plug’ is ugly so looking for a slicker alternative

    Here is a picture of how I’d mocked up the kit for a tour a few years back...

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  • Nothing at all... but prefer the look of the ck cups + if I put shimano on this a Campag headset will stress me out 🤷♂️

  • Sell it to me then

  • Sure - if it’s going spare I’ll let you know 👍🏻

  • Ultimately I want to be able to charge a phone/GPS and run a front light off the front wheel but think that ‘the plug’ is ugly so looking for a slicker alternative

    I'd think about how often you'll really need this. I have the B&M light with the built in charger, it's ugly for sure, but I've only really used it on one long tour. All the other times I've gotten by with spare battery packs, or just using my phone less, etc.

    Having a sinewave or one of those top cap usb doohickies would probably be more useful if you think you really need it, and allow you to remove it when you don't.

    This isn't a full on touring bike is it?

  • Electronics complecate things unnecessarily. +1 for keeping it simple with batt packs

  • I’ve been thinking about it for about three years and believe life would be better with the ability to charge my phone on the go under my own steam and I’d like the end result to be a neat as possible. I’m commuting about 30/40miles daily at the moment and smash through phone battery at work for calls, emails and being on here - it would be nice to know that my phone won’t die while I’m out in the sticks finding new routes.

    No it’s not a proper tourer, I’ve never really fancied one - light touring is my bag...

  • Fair enough then! Am intrigued to see what you come up with.

    I have a fillet brazed Roberts too, but it's not as nice as this :)

  • Ha, sorry - I tried to edit my last post - ultimately if it’s shit and doesn’t work then at least I can drop the idea and move on 👍🏻

  • Here is a saffron with external braze ones for dynamo cables similar to disc brake cable tabs...
    routing to the rear light is neat, could be tidied up with a Di2 grommet though
    At the moment I don’t want to do anything to the frame that will require a respray - need to put some miles on it first!

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  • Small update: collected bits from the post office, I like the look of the forks 👍🏻
    Three different ‘Roberts’ fonts though, lolz 🤦♂️

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  • Forks look great. Stem looks a bit chunky though!

  • Yeah needs steel stem.
    Also two-bolt is death

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Fillet brazed Roberts build

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