Fillet brazed Roberts build

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  • I’ve been after a Roberts for years and a week ago one popped up out of the blue and I had to have it... purchased from the original owner who never really rode it as he had an accident on the track and lost the bug for riding.

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  • Lush frame. Please get nicer forks :)

  • Yeah they are on the list - ideally after some 1” Columbus minimal that I’ll paint to match but am also thinking of asking a framebuilder to make up a straight blade steel for with lowrider mounds and internal dynamo routing... know anyone who who could build me some? 😉

  • Since he made the frame, you may as well ask Winston Vaz?

  • About £200 (or thereabouts for a fork), why a straight blade fork - guard eyes and rack mounts on the rear end then ?

  • Yeah good shout, and ask mario to paint it 👍🏻👍🏻

    @DrJohn maybe - not sure yet - if I use PDW fenders then I don’t need the mudguard eyelets and don’t want a rear rack as I’d use a bagman hung off the saddle rails - it also means that I don’t need to get the frame repainted
    Straight blade forks because I prefer the look

  • Yeah I agree with this.

    Black painted forks could work as well

  • I’ve just spoken to Winston and discussed Columbus max straight blade forks with mounts for something like a VO Campeur, going to build the bike up with stuff I have for now to make sure I like it and then ride over to him to have another chat 👍🏻

  • frame looks lovely! Fork sounds good too.

  • Some more pictures of the details - hadn’t even spotted the tube decal - oversize Columbus EL - awesome! I had an EL Pinarello years ago and it was lush...

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  • I’m just not vibing with the forks... they are the original ones to the frame and supplied by Roberts - they may be very good but they’re fugly and I’m a tart... will use them for now until a suitable alternative presents themselves...

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  • frame up on wheels - HED Belgium rims and 25c Vittoria corsa, I reckon there is room for 28c and guards in the back... 🤷♂️😬

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  • Don’t the corsa’s come up about 27 on HED?

  • Yeah they come up larger for sure, not got my callipers to hand atm but will check

    Slight snag with fitting mudguards is that there is no chainstay Bridge... I think I want to put proper guards on this as I don’t currently have a bike I could ride in the rain...

  • I’m not sure which way to go with finishing kit - silver Ritchey classic or black whatever?
    Also parts bin wise I’ve got a Sram force/red 10speed group to take off another bike or an ultegra 6770 Di2 group sans rear mech
    I’ve put Di2 on another bike recently and love it but don’t really like shimanos mechanical lever function with the flappy brake lever and now I’m used to it the Sram levers feel tiny - taping Di2 cables all over this will annoy me aesthetically so I will probably sell the Sram and Di2 and try and find a tidy set of force 22 for this 🤷♂️
    I should be picking up a pair of Rotor 3D30 this week because they’re a bargain so they could go on this - I always seem to end up building several bikes with basically the same kit on 🤦♂️ I’ve also found a silver Rotor alternative which could be fun but general direction needs more thought before I buy anything else!

  • In the good old days no chainstay bridge would indicate a TT frame (yours is short wheelbase), my almost identical frame is an audax so bigger clearances and shallower head tube angle
    Does the frame have a chain keeper on the seatstay (?), I see it has a pump boss on the headtube - which seems a little contrary !

  • What a beautiful frame... 🖤

  • ✅Ritchey Classic
    ✅Campag; chorus 10 speed silver with de-branded Stronglite Impact double
    ❌Rotor 3D (BSA 30 BB can fuck off)
    ❌Di2 without drilling, and dont drill this :)

  • Ah interesting, thank you - no there is no chain keeper...
    @>>>>>> cheers!
    @amey yeah I hear you but kind of fallen out of love with Campagnolo due to price and not liking thumb lever position on the last set of levers I tried...
    These are the funky rotors > 🤷♂️

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  • This tho... But yeah I agree

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  • Some mudguarded horizontal top tube silver steel bikes for inspo... @Señor_Bear Cielo and a Lee Cooper from the classifieds years ago that I liked

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  • All very tasty. I'm lucky to have four mudguard rides - a lugless Philbrook, an Allin, 2 x Roberts and a Roberts built Geoffrey Butler. Oh, and a 1951 lugless Hobbs.
    P.S Croydon boy !

  • Great to see this even if I’m really jealous!
    I’ve got a 1” threaded Roberts fork, NOS as far as I can tell, still in primer, if you are interested. I reckon it’ll fit this nicely if you are happy to go threaded? Has the Roberts panto on the crown to match your bottom bracket.

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Fillet brazed Roberts build

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