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  • E-scooters - Riding on footpath fast and dangerously mostly by egoistic teeneagers who putting all pedestrians into risk of injury and not giving a s...t.Scooterers are wrong and they're even arguing back rude way....E-scoot toy boy's ! Just throw that dangerous toy away to a recycling heap when you get your first puncture,and get yourself a proper bicycle :) Lol !

  • Any recommendations for an e scooter? Something with bigger wheels that can be used in the rain. Cheaper the better

    This sounds like you haven't read the thread.

  • Feel your pain, seen plenty been ridden by kids in a less than ideal way. But seen many more being ridden by adults 20-45 year old going to work, taking their kids to school or just buzzing around the park.

    I reckon within a year or so the 'bad kids' will move onto something else, or just grow up a bit. Last summer in my workshop had dozens of kids (most were not the nicest kids ;),) on e-scooters with punctures and issues with them in Glasgow. Out and about in town you'd see gangs of kids riding about causing havoc. This year, I think I've seen one. So its already less of an issue IMO

    Would much rather be slightly annoyed once per walk having to change my path whilst walking to avoid a scooter, than be actually ran over/harranged/felt to be less of a human because I'm not inside a £70k SUV.

  • All of this.

    I see someone who looks like they work in construction (safety boots, helmet etc) use it for commute daily through the local park.

    It has its usage for sure.

    They should be looked as an alternative to cars IMO. And they are just filling the gap of awful public transport infrastructure.

    You always get dickheads in every kind of transport vehicle, I'd hope the evidence is anecdotal and they are the exception.

  • I am in south Essex and Spin e-scooters have been here for a few months.

    To rent you need to install an app, upload a copy of your drivers licence and complete a "safety" course, but considering the vast number of young teens on them, they are not very stringent with the compliance of these rules.

    Sunday morning rides usually require me to stop at least twice to move abandoned scooters from the cyclepaths, if they were strewn as carelessly on main roads, there would be an outcry.

  • For big wheels and weather resistance you should look at the aer 557.

  • Used the pink scooties in Bristol when my car was getting work done. Much quicker than the bus and walking. Linking it to my driving licence concerned me, but has anyone actually been prosecuted for dangerous scooting? Lots of youngsters on them (frequently two up) who must be using their parent's licences. The scooters tend to end up parked pretty well especially compared to the old bike share we used to have, the GPS is pretty fussy on where they can be left.

  • I've used the hire ones in Europe before and really liked them, the biggest issue seemed to be some of the hire schemes allowed dockless hire/drop off so lots were just strewn all over the place which i can appreciate can be annoying if they are dumped in your way but a great altenative to poor public transport otherwise

  • Quite a few narrowboaters are using them to pop to the shops.... seems a legit idea, as you can take it in tesco wherever with you...

  • Awaiting the release of a gravel scooter

  • @amey this is why not Lewisham ;)

  • I tucked in behind a scooter all the way down from Elephant and Castle to Brixton. Highly recommended.

  • Not sure if this has been posted here.
    Written by Roger Geffen form Cycling Uk almost a year ago

    He makes some good points. General support with a few thoughtful provisions

  • https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/electri­c-scooter-rental-trial

    renter scooter trials starting today in 5 london boroughs.

    three different operators so three different apps to register with.

    flat fee for rental and then charged by the minute, although it looks like some of the firms will only charge while the scooters are moving to try and discourage RLJing

    be interesting to see if enforcement gets stepped up on private scooters and pavement usage now that these trials have gone live.

  • be interesting to see if enforcement gets stepped up on private
    scooters and pavement usage now that these trials have gone live.

    Spoiler: it won't. We've had these sort of trials running in Portsmouth for a couple of months now. It's made absolutely fuck all difference.

  • yeah, it's not going to magically increase police budgets etc.
    didn't know if the local councils would be using parking enforcement officers to issue fines? are they even legally able to do this?

    what's your impression of the portsmouth trial scheme? have you had a go on one?

  • Nah, I haven't tried them, doesn't really appeal to me personally.
    They're not a bad idea in theory, and if it means that infrastructure that can also be used by bikes is generally improved, then I'm all for it.
    Unfortunately it hasn't made a blind bit of difference to scooters on pavements, nor the unlicensed 'illegal' scooters - but they certainly seem to be getting used plenty, and I'd say I probably see more people using the licensed scooters than personal ones, which I guess seems like a step in the right direction.

  • i suppose at least the licensed ones are speed limited - the london ones to 12.5mph i think.
    at least you're not going to get some knob whizzing silently past at 20+

  • Mates kid brought a cheapie one in for a quick cable repair, limited to 10kph, how dangerous could it possibly be!!!?????* 10KPH is ridiculous slow, but the kid is under 10, so parents turned it down to its minimum.

    *Twice nearly smashed into parked cars when turning . Turns out if you hold the throttle down for more than 20 seconds it just stays wide open like some kind of 'cruise control', so a quick u turn in the road turned into a shit shit shit moment as it tried to power on. Not sure if defective or its some kind of customization , but caught me out for sure.

  • Going down a storm here in Kew, saw a guy ontop testing the suspension and a selfie being taken next to them

  • They've installed a new docking station thing here on the traffic calming island thing right outside our shop - which is a foot high with no dropped bits anywhere. Already watched a few people struggle to drag the heavy scooters up to park them - I'm waiting for the inevitable cocky twats trying to ride straight off the side, I'm hoping for plenty of entertainment.

  • Yeah saw a whole bunch of them in Chiswick yesterday. Out of the blue, there were 5 dotted around.
    They seem quite well made.

  • This sounds ominous. Head injuries reported in this way often result in a fatality. Let's hope not.


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