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  • " Since they arrived in France, more than 15 people have died in the streets, victims of e-scooters.”

    Fuck me, now I'm terrified. Something must be done...

  • Surely its a good idea if gets people out of cars as TBH I would rather get hit by a e - scooter when I'm cycling than a car but I agree there needs to be regulation as scooters doing 90 kmh is just plan crazy.

  • Surely its a good idea if gets people out of cars

    As Oliver says the effect will probably be different to this assumption - they will get people off public transport, walking, and even bikes, or be used to connect the final section of a public transport journey, again replacing walking.

  • most of the people i've seen riding e-scooters are doing short journeys that would have been done on foot previously - possibly replacing the only physical exercise they were getting previously.
    people should be encouraged to walk the last mile of a journey, not be effortlessly transported there.

  • or be used to connect the final section of a public transport journey

    That's what I mostly used my Brompton for. Are they equally bad?

  • Is it an NJS build? If not yes, obvs.

  • Had a bloke almost hit me from behind this morning in the connecting tunnel from the Victoria line to the Piccadily line in King's Cross as he glided along on his e-scooter.

  • I guess that counts as private land? Completely legit.

  • Illegal unless the landowner has granted permission.

  • I’m finding the electric motorbikes more dangerous than the little scooters. Fly past at 40mph in silence.

  • https://www.theguardian.com/politics/202­0/mar/16/electric-scooters-get-green-lig­ht-to-go-on-britains-public-roads

    Electric scooters will be allowed on public roads for the first time under a Department for Transport proposal which will consult on the rules required to allow the new technology to operate safely, the government has announced.

    The legalisation of e-scooters is just one proposal in a wider plan to enable a “transport revolution”, which also involves projects to trial medical deliveries to the Isle of Wight using autonomous drones, and a test of self-driving cars between Bristol and Bath.

    But the scooters, which are already in widespread, if unlawful, use across the UK, will initially only be allowed in four “future transport zones”: Portsmouth and Southampton; the West of England Combined Authority (WECA); Derby and Nottingham; and the West Midlands.

  • Does this mean un-assisted (throttle) eBikes are now legal?

  • Nothing has changed yet and we will need to wait for the legislation to see what the detail is.

  • My prediction is that this will mean mandatory helmets, cyclists included.

  • next up, number plates and insurance

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