• Hi all,

    I am looking for people to come and help our family grower vineyard for the 2022 Champagne grape harvest.

    Champagne house: Lasseaux
    Location: Champagne region, between Reims & Epernay
    Salary: PAID & DECLARED - net salary post food accomodation is around the 80€ per day net.

    By law, all grapes have to be cut by hand and this year's max yield is 10,200kg so there are plenty of (paid) work to be done.

    Dates aren't fixed yet but we will know at the end of August and share them at that point. They should fall around mid-September 2022.

    2022 weather has been glorious so this year, the harvest is likely around 7 days, all grapes have to be manually picked so it is quite tiring as Champagne vines are low.
    Last year's net pay was around 80€ per day for those who completed the harvest and were fed/stayed with us. This year expect around 85-90€.

    The address is:
    27 Route de Paradis, 51480 La Neuville Aux Larris.
    No trains or buses in our village but Epernay & Reims are not far and offer good travel options.

    We can provide accommodation - we have 20 beds in shared same-sex rooms available on a first-come first-served basis.
    We also have space for campervans and can provide electricity to get plugged in.

    We will provide secateurs / buckets, we just ask people to bring waterproof clothing and wellies if they have them (we have spares).
    We provide transport to/from our house and the vineyards.
    Harvest is done during the day, usually from 7.30am to 12 noon then 1.30pm to 5pm.

    Get in touch if you fancy joining us!


  • Vince, can't make this year but would love to in 2020 - likely to need the same again?

  • Hi @giles337

    We need help every year. Dates fluctuate as we work with nature but tend to end up mid September.

    We do get a fair share of sommeliers / wine people joining us from all over the world every year. Mostly coming for the experience, knowledge and free Champagne more than the (close to minimum wage) salary.

    Keep in touch (and order Champagne)!

  • Any chance you still need hands for this?

  • Still looking for people, but people who live locally and can drive to the vineyard daily.

    We only have 20 beds in shared rooms and those are currently assigned (but people might still pull out).

    Harvest dates are still not confirmed but likely to be around 15th September.

    Also, we cannot accommodate people who want to do wine tourism and do a day or two as it is logistically too complicated.

    All welcome to the open day which will be on the Sunday of the harvest!

  • Should've mentioned it earlier/later/more vividly and I could've popped in on the way to Brest. ;)

  • Not sure what your cycling route would be as the Champagne region is not on the way to Brest when you cycle from London!

    There are a couple of forumengers on the harvest team this year, which is nice!

  • TCR - was heading E-W from Bulgaria. Still nowhere near but the detour would've been funny.

    I grew up surrounded by vineyards though and you don't have enough Champagne in all of France to make me want to pick grapes again :P

  • Hi Vince

    I can definitely do the whole harvest. Trying to talk a pal with a van into coming so we have somewhere to sleep.

    But otherwise would need a bed.

    Let me know if anyone pulls out?


  • There's always last minute spots as the dates are still not confirmed.

    Start will most likely be between 10-15 September.

    Drop me an email so I remember!

  • Ok thanks Vince. I’m free from 14th so have my fingers crossed it’s a later start date.

  • The harvest 2019 dates have been confirmed this weekend.

    We will start on Thursday 12th September and should finish either Wednesday 18th late afternoon or Thursday 19th September around noon (depending on weather, team, etc.).

    Open day will be on Sunday 15th September so you can join us for a bit of harvesting, a nice lunch with the team and a Champagne tasting.

  • ^Go to this, it will be Ace!

  • Views from the office this week!

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  • Looks brilliant.

    I look forward to drinking some of that in a year or so.

  • in five years or so

    Brut Non Vintage is currently 50% 2013 harvest, 50% blend of previous years

  • i would like to do this one year.

    opened first bottle of '13 vintage this afternoon - outstanding!

  • And another year done!

    Exceptional weather and a fantastic team!

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    In line with the latest French government guidelines, all workers will need to have been inoculated twice against COVID-19 and bear a "vaccination passport" - this is a non negotiable requirement.

    No prick, no pick

  • how about harvest 2022? anything planed already?

  • Hi @Rollorosso.

    It will be happening of course, but no plans yet.

    As always the dates won't be fixed until mid August but no harm in showing early interest!

  • Hi all,

    The preliminary dates are in!

    Most likely around Monday 5th September for 7 days worth of work.

    For those mostly concerned about money, expected net salary should be around the 600€ mark (post tax since it is declared).

    For those mostly concerned about the experience, expected net Champagne drunk is around a case per week per person.

    Send me message if you are interested in joining us!


  • Post now published on Facebook & LinkedIn!

    We're looking for people to join for the whole week.

    If you just want to see what it's like, join us for the open day - we'll cut grapes for 30 minutes, show you around the press house & have a nice champagne lunch

  • Off-topic, and very jealous I can't come and spend a week picking grapes/drinking champagne - but I am planning a few days cycling around Reims at the end of July, do you have a cellar-door or similar at which a thirsty cyclist could stop for a forum-approved glass or two of fizz? No worries at all if not, just a thought whilst I plan the ride....

  • on/off topic but back in april i set out to bring a bike somewhere france , and my first french leg was Dieppe > Epernay. group ride ?

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OT - Champagne Lasseaux - Vendanges / Harvest 2022 - Grape Pickers & Porters Needed!

Posted by Avatar for Vince @Vince