Cannondale CAAD10 56cm frame & forks, £190 delivered

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  • Selling the bike I told myself I would never sell, but circumstances have changed.

    2011 Cannondale CAAD10 in 56cm size

    There are a few issues I'd like to point out, that I believe have been reflected in the price:
    There is a chip to the outside of the fork leg that happened when it slipped against a wall. I (100kg) have ridden it for over a year like this with no issues, but it looks like a replacement set of forks can be had for around £20-£50 depending on what you want, if you want.
    There is a small ding on the top tube that happened very early on in ownership, and hasn't got worse during that time.

    I am looking for £190 inc next day delivery to mainland UK and all PayPal fees. I am based in Glasgow, but can meet around the central belt if that makes things easier for anyone in Scotland.

    Any questions, please ask.

  • Surprised at lack of any interest, is it the price, and if so, how far out am I? I priced it up as possibly getting around £1100 if I split it, which I'd rather not do.

  • Looks like it needs a clean, new (black) bar tape, saddle levelling etc. Looks pretty shagged in the photos.

  • Feedback taken on board. Have replaced bar tape and gave the bike a good clean and quick polish. Should have done it in the first place!

    Price also dropped to £830.

  • Sadly I'm not in the market atm, but that is far from 'shagged'. I'd love to see the standard of whatever @macaroon is riding if this is considered so bad.

  • I’d maybe be interested in the cranks and brakes if you split


  • Sorry for the confusion, the pics that were up previously were from before it had been cleaned and it had old bar tape on etc. It wasn't looking great, and @macaroon was correct in in his description of it at the time. A bit of effort on my behalf and it looks like it should!

  • i'd be interested in derailleurs / shifters / seatpost / saddle.
    sneaky, but i reckon you would probably end up selling for more by splitting.

  • Yea, I definitely would make more money splitting, but it's a bit of a faff and I would prefer to sell the bike as a whole to someone that would get the same use out of it that I've had. That being said, I did note some rough figures before advertising and this is what I had put. I would only consider splitting if for instance yourself and PhilDAS bought the parts mentioned, so that I'm not sitting with a whole bike basically missing a couple of derailleurs or brakes for example.

    They may be well off, but just going by recently sold prices on here and eBay as a guide.

    Frame & Forks - £200
    Crankset - £250
    Shifters - £90
    RD - £50
    FD - £40
    Brakes - £90
    Wheels & Tyres - £250
    Seatpost - £40
    Saddle - £40

  • Bit spenny for me

  • Yea, understandable. I think at the time the cranks and spiderring cost me around £700, and they have only had a few hundred miles on them. They are pretty much the main part on it for me that will determine if I split it or not, and I've priced accordingly. If they go, pretty much everything else will have to because I'm not putting on some FSA chainset to get it sold whole. I would adjust prices depending on whether other parts were bought at the same time though.

  • I think at the time the cranks and spiderring cost me around £700

    Yeah these things are cray spendy.

  • Cranks are a fair price, they go for 200-300 depending on condition and length on ebay.

    (I recently sold some SiSL2 arms in a much worse condition for 150)

  • how tall are you?

  • Had someone PM about the frame and forks, so if there were other folk interested in the other bits and bobs then it may make sense to split it. If anyone is buying more than one part, can do something on the prices.

  • might be interested in the mechs (possibly brakes if the price is right)

  • Glws

  • Looks great to me, good luck with the sale. Perfect size for me, sadly I'm not in the market for another road bike at the moment...

  • Is the split happening? I would like the brakes actually

  • I'd be interested in the shifters, RD + FD, if that helps?

  • Have messaged the person that was interested in the F&F. If that’s a go, then everything else can be stripped and ready to ship straight away.

  • How long are the SISL2 arms?

  • Still interested too if split happens

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Cannondale CAAD10 56cm frame & forks, £190 delivered

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