1" headset bottom cup removal

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  • Hi all - having trouble removing the bottom cup from a 1989 Rockhopper that I want to replace - anyone know of a hack for this? I don't really want to buy a removal tool as I'll likely only use it once. Headset needs replacing so I don't mind if it gets damaged in the process..

  • flathead screwdriver and rubber mallet and knock it incrementally around all sides? you risk damaging the headtube though

    I would say though headset removal tools are not all that expensive and make the job a very quick and easy one!

    Perhaps someone can lend you the tool, where are you based?

  • Cut a slot length ways into the end of an appropriately sized copper plumbing pipe to make your own tool.

  • The tool makes it so much easier. Buy/make one.

  • Thanks for all of this - @dbr where are you based? Might ask to borrow it if you're anywhere near SE13..

  • Just use a screwdriver, it’ll be fine

  • Not mine I'm afraid, I just use a screwdriver.

  • Ok thanks

  • Does anyone have a loan of the tool in East London?

  • I made one of those tools last weekend out of an old straight handlebar. Setting the "prongs" took some trial and error, but it did the job.

    Protip: sit the frame on some wooden blocks on the floor. Putting it in a stand is too springy and the stand will absorb the bashes

  • Tried to make one out of a seatpost and was completely impossible, need something with way thinner metal.

    Screwdriver works but destroys the headset.

    Next time I do it I'm just going to pay the tenner to buy the tool.

    Or you could try posting on the tool exchange thread.

  • A length of copper pipe works, even if you don't cut slots into it. Just pop it into the headtube diagonally and tap it with a hammer rotating to a new spot if you see any movement in the cup.

  • 100% worth buying the proper tool - went through a set of tent pegs trying to get this fucker out and eventually ordered the real thing, worked almost instantly. If anyone needs to borrow it in SE13 let me know

  • You can make a decent one from a curtain rail if you don’t use it very often

  • Bought the tool, thanks

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1" headset bottom cup removal

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