Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • I've got a pair of Dunlops at my folks' place, perfect for the job...

  • That's the ones. Spent half the weekend throwing tyres on to the silage clamp, wettest, shitiest job there is.

  • Do you have enough land for a golf course? If not, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • For sure, if you are willing to share with the bull...

  • Barbour wax jacket, Hermes scarf and Hunters is all a bit Kings Road Waitrose in my experience, but that was twenty years ago when it was my local supermarket... Toff fashion may have moved on a bit since then...

  • Used to love that job as a kid. Although I think the farmer was canny and got us to do it for him by making it a competition, who could chuck the tyres the furthest. Bunch of children running around an industrial silo, what could possibly go wrong?

    Tyres would then be replaced by straw bales when that season came. Which are awesome for fort building.

  • They're cross-class/club membership jackets.

    All the clubs that matter - golf, pony and Conservative. The natural plumage of the Greater British Gammon.

    In 1980, Barbour produced their first short, lightweight jacket, the Bedale. Originally designed for riding, the Bedale is favoured by many Britons, from royalty to pop icons. Dame Margaret Barbour designed the Bedale with equestrian practicalities in mind.

  • yeah, we live high up, so the main battle is not blowing away when we are sheeting up, nothing beats starfishing on the wrap to pin it down.

    My daughters favourite game is to try and give me a heart attack by climbing up the wrapped bales...

  • I've got a pair of Hunters with a vibram sole. Also via a staff discount. Not sure I'd have stumped up the RRP, but I fucking love them.

    Obviously not on trend to say so, but in this country with the shit weather we get I think having nice looking wellies in a range of heights and colours is pretty sensible. Unfortunately mine are pretty gimpy and utilitarian.

    Also never really noticed people from the countryside caring as much about this stuff as those who aren't / recent arrivals.

  • Tyres would then be replaced by straw bales when that season came. Which are awesome for fort building.

    Baling season was fun. A bunch of kids perched on top of a tractorload of hay on country roads, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Me jack-knifing a full trailer load on the chunky tractor tyres and 4 very pissed off labourers having to unload the whole thing so we could bounce the 30ft trailer round to free it from the tyres. Then reload.

    But yeah, kids hanging on to the top with bailer twine going 30mph down a b-road under low trees.

  • they're also worn by ordinary country folk.

    You can just shorten that to "total tossers"

  • Toff fashion may have moved on a bit since then...

    That’s debatable.

  • Still have that down here! MiL is very safety conscious, so has kittens when she sees 4 of us hanging onto the outside of the telehandler as it drives across the fields, I have learnt not to look down, else you see a really big wheel a couple of inches from your foot.

  • As I was typing it I realised the folly of my words... 🤑

  • Id really like a Barbour wax jacket for damp dog walks in the woods. You can pick up a second hand one for fuck all on eBay. Can't handle the snide stigma attached to them though. Just appreciate the pocket layout and comfort of them.

  • share with the bull

    this sounds like a great idea. a bull for every golf course!

  • Would speed the game up for sure.

  • Bollocks to the stigma @Stonehedge and anyway you're in the woods, who cares/sees/wins??. Mines got a huge pocket along the back for stuffing the trout in (euph) - or holds a map, sandwiches, rubbish

  • Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just a bit sore from the time I bought a Barbour jumper in the sales and got ribbed mercilessly for it.

  • I would always pester my Geordie ex to take me to the factory shop in South Shields when we were visiting her family, she never would... That's the only reason I've never owned a Barbour, always wanted a black waxed jacket and a green quilted job with the corduroy collar...

  • Can't handle the snide stigma attached to them though.

    And that old men smell.

  • They're the best jacket for what you're describing, buy second hand on ebay and it will still outlast you. hipsters, kings road tractor drivers and jeans & sheux crew come and go - but barbourlyfe is eternal

  • Dunlop.

    More comfortable

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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