Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • Just got the quote for a years insurance on the C63 - £2,000. The E63 was £600 for the same cover. Ouch.

  • I think that's also a function of time, my Skoda went up £200/year which I couldn't reduce by going anywhere else, everybody's gone up.

  • I suspect the insurance companies see a quite few more written off C63s.

    Are you just posting here directly now?

  • Since insurance companies now have to offer you the same price as an existing customer as they would a new customer it's inevitable that prices will have to go up generally.

    My insurance was still going down before we got rid of the car, the last renewal would have been £158 fully comp (parked on road in SW15).

  • E63

    E700 plz if you really have to wave your E Class Merc cock around.

  • I was wondering about that but the van has gone from 703 to 2K as well

  • Cutting out the middle man. Very much like liv or whatever it’s called.

  • "Thornton Heath"

  • as one does

  • I suppose that's a good one. The only way Thornton Heath would be considered GC is with zero context

  • It’s just a three bed

  • I have misplaced a garage door remote control.

  • It may not be GC, but I can see a great disaster/adventure movie in the making.


  • Or a drama where they face the reality that a corner of Crystal Palace is actually the posh north part of the borough.

  • I bought a fast Alfa

  • When I bought my last flat it was Thornton Heath, when I sold it it was Crystal Palace. Hence the 5 bedrooms in TH.

  • Hence the 5 bedrooms

  • The young Juli era?? 😏

  • I've got a cheap Park, a flash Park and a Pedros.

  • I can see a great disaster/adventure movie in the making

    That's just Croydon council's accounts

  • Did anyone see that debt collection show when they were serving Croydon Council offices 😂

    Edit: The Sheriffs are coming, at the end of S7E7

  • The absolute BUZZ of hitting the Sainsbury’s wine aisle with 25% off six or more bottles and £85 quid of Nectar points

  • Lol

  • Why can't anyone sell me a good bit of salmon today?

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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