Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • GearedChocolate works

  • We used to live in a farmhouse thats ground floor rooms dated from approx 1560, many additions and changes, mostly in 1750-1800 region

  • It's about £6 a month.

  • my brother lives on the same street as Mason Greenwood

  • Yes! I was disappointed to make my first entry yesterday when I had the Greenwood post all lined up but thought it worth a second try.

  • happy to take the bait

  • Given that Greenwood lives next door to Marcus Rashford I really could have been in here a long time ago if I'd thought about it. I might post a selfie from there when I visit my brother later this month.

  • Are they McMansions?

  • Some are, yes, some are older. In the last 10 years a lot of the older ones have been knocked down and the new ones built right out to the edges of the plots and fancy basements put in. My brother bought the plot and built his own house 20 years ago which is why they've been able to afford to live there and are not really golf club membership level. It's a very nice place to live all the same.

  • not really golf club membership level

    I wouldn't be so sure - having running water seems to grant you membership, depending who you ask. ;-)

  • Yep, Quooker owners go straight in.

  • got an email from Trump today

  • our Tory MPs

  • My Tory MP, srly.

  • I take my mum to Waitrose in my Veyron.

  • Oooh, this is a fun new game.

  • I like to think I wouldn't work for an employer

  • My YouTube feed is now throwing up adverts promising to improve my [non existent] golf game when all i watch are cycling videos. I blame the impact that this thread has had on my algorithm

  • My YouTube
    my algorithm

    Self owned :(

  • I live at The Glades

  • there are no house numbers on our road.

  • Certainly my most worn watch, out of the, er, 30 or so that I own

  • The watch owners really are like Harry Potter fans aren't they, even if you weren't already not interested at all they put you off even more.

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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