Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • Peak golf club, that.

  • In a strange twist I joined a samba band for a few days in the XR rebellion in April.

  • ^ what golf club are you at?

    I might want to join.

  • I've a Dalmore 12 waiting to be opened, feel new years eve it will be opened with a 2007 Fuller Vintage Ale and a rather nice Partagas I have in the humidor

  • If anyone wants a pair of Rapha Classic shoes, White 44.5 for £108 (£180-40%) then let me know. Otherwise I will return them when I'm back from Tenerife.

  • I still have two unopened boxes from Konditor

  • It was a Konditor that I got free when buying lebkuchen as gifts for kids' school teachers.

  • Forgetting to take a knife away to a holiday gaff and having to make a mirepoix with the £2.99 Tesco knife from the drawer.

  • This might be my favourite yet.

  • .

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  • Just came here to post that ^^^

  • These people are amongst us

  • I still get a bit excited when I see this parked and realise she’s mine

  • Ha ha. I’ve just seen this and I’m honoured to have made it into this thread.

    (My knives aren’t even that expensive).

  • Are you Jay Rayner in disguise?

  • Just a man with a knife and knowledge of one or two poncey French terms. There are far worse in the food thread. Lots of chat about the best home sous vide set-ups.

  • I was in the Aspesi shop considering them at £600 in Milan the other week

  • Someone removed the boards from the drain gate in the trout ponds, effectively diverting the river into a load of playing fields.

  • And from now on, the school cormorant is strictly out of bounds!

  • I have a tractor and delight in not paying VED for it.

  • Was coming here to post that.

  • I'd have thought golfers are more likely to own Chelsea tractors than actual ones.

  • True, I was torn.

  • Forum is a golf club bar.

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  • The watches thread has 42,000 posts. Forty two thousand.

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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