Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • Both the hotels I stayed in on holiday had their own helipads. Did make me wonder why I still don’t have one at home.

  • If y'all think anything posted in this thread is 100% serious then I can't help you.

  • Business travel to Geneva just made me instantly think of Guy Secretan in Green Wing pretending to finish a call with someone saying “see you in Zurich” as a flirting technique as it alluded to him being exotic/important.

    It just seems to fit the remit for the thread, and is a gentle bit of teasing, rather than being a harsh jibe.

    Maybe my vibe detector is off, but this place having a pretty wide range of people (to an extent) is part of the fun, no? Also, isn’t most of this thread silly, purposely out of context, gotchas?

  • Or the Formite missed the context of the humour.

    Trying to find the perfect thread to mention I might nip to belgium, in the jag, for the weekend to see a friend I have not seen in four years.

    Reality is the first time in ages that we have been less the 10 hours apart. Yet we are both concerned about covid and infecting each other. So at the mo little more than talk.

  • this place having a pretty wide range of people

    buncha private school doofuses last time I checked

  • There is absolutely nothing exotic about Zurich.

  • Depends on the airline, 12 hours in business with Cathay is much better than the same route with BA. Better beer, better wine and half as many seats crammed across the width of the plane.

  • I might nip to belgium, in the jag, for the weekend to see a friend


  • My company has a policy of “cheapest class of travel no matter the distance”, I have flown to Australia in economy multiple times. They are not going to spring for business to go to Geneva.

    Tres golf club.

  • The biggest joke is that it 'should' take less time door to door than Greenwich to Worcester.

  • Only if you've been.
    If you haven't, 'business travel to Zurich' (or Geneva, or anywhere continental) sounds like a Duran Duran video.

  • Wow really? Get it for European travel but on a long(long) haul flight that’s quite savage.

  • not from a latin root iirc. gawd... did you even go to private school

  • did you even go to private school

    A decent one at the very least

  • Is this where the GC thread implodes in a wave of recrimination and bitterness? Lulz aside.. Switzerland is a dull, dull place. Cue zither music..

  • Switzerland is a dull, dull place

    I disagree, there are some great places and I've been to some great parties in Switzerland and there is CERN too.

  • I think your confusing particles with parties.

  • That’s harsh. Our cutoff is 6hrs. Anything over that is in business. A few countries are considered “hardship/high risk” and no matter where you fly in from its in business.

  • Yeah this seems like the standard for good decent sized companies with a reasonable about of bus travel (not mine though 😢)

  • I read that and thought "harsh - making you take the bus" - Flixbus overnight special?!

  • IMVHO any form of air travel is the fucking pits, I hate all of it... Travelling for work is shit but the upside is you spend less time at the office with your tedious colleagues...

  • I asked to book an aisle seat to Colorado (same company) and even offered to pay the extra and was told to jog on. Booked it anyway separately on my own card.

  • Our rule is that we can only fly if the train takes longer than five hours. Pretty sure it's economy class for all flights though I'm also fairly sure that it's different for partners.

  • Oh I don't doubt the tedium. Just that it sounds glamorous.

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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