Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • Unashamedly love the stuff on a summers day but golf club thread? It only cost me £2 for the bottle!

    Could it be that ripping on a grape choice is more golf club than drinking it?

  • I don’t think of golf as the exclusive pastime of the rich or privileged. The golf club in Ealing had more than half of its car park filled with black cab drivers, who I imagine would be partial to a Lambrusco.

    (I am not insinuating @Stonehedge is black cab driver)

  • Lambrusco?

    1986 Howard’s Way boat club thread >>>>>

  • I’d doubt it that there’s a anywhere but Italian restaurants that still stock the stuff?

    For grape nazism look no further than merlot, sideways ruined that varietal for over a decade.

  • Very hard to find the good stuff thats for sure. Seems to be pretty popular in parts of Switzerland and Austria, depending how close to the Italian border you are. Our local proper Italian deli has it but other than that, have to bring a few bottles back when we can and have the luggage allowance.

    Plate of vitello tonnato & glass of red lambrusco is perfection. Cheap as chips and drinkable. Whats not to like?

  • Think I'd go for the chips

  • Peach pizza with mozzarella, st felicien, epoisse, and candied almonds

  • I don’t think of golf as the exclusive pastime of the rich or privileged

  • I paid £60 recently for a lounge/diner carpet clean.

  • They own their own diner? Proper humble brag.

    I need one

  • ^ Barrel of gunpowder that big would make a bit more of a pop than that.

    Golf club pyro expert thread >>>>>>

  • Golf club pyro expert thread

    This has not aged well.

  • Got 4 viewings booked in around Haselmere and Liphook for Saturday so
    suddenly getting a bit more real than just Rightmove voyeuring

    Maybe not immediately golf club bar but certainly moving in the right direction

  • The golf club in Ealing had more than half of its car park filled with...

    How would you know this?

    Unless, of course...

  • It was next to where we delivered cycle training

  • Woah there! Not aimed at anyone. Just a random post. I'm staying out of the Ealing golf club chat...

  • From the BBC website, so cheating a bit:

    When the coronavirus lockdown began, asset manager Joanna Coghlan knew she just had to get out of London and move to the countryside. She had bought a flat in a new development at Battersea Power Station only last year. The complex included restaurants, spas and bars. But when all those closed down because of the pandemic, the reality of her environment dawned on her. I spent seven weeks isolated there and realised that I absolutely hated it," she told the BBC. When you take away all the amenities that these developments advertise, then you realise you're just living in a glass box. "It was a ghost town. It was just very soul-destroying living in this enormous development with no life going on."

    Joanna took swift action to remedy her plight. She moved to the village of Datchworth Green in Hertfordshire, where she now has a five-bedroom house with a garden and a view overlooking a cricket pitch.

  • ^I'm sure Battersea is all the better, now it is rid of her.

  • “Later, as she sat on her balcony eating the dog, asset manger Joanna Coghlan reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building during the previous three months.”

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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