Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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  • As people get older, priorities change.

    I had a bad experience which does sour the enjoyment of my custom frame a bit.

    "I'm convinced"

    Our nursery is £20,592 for 11 months a year - minus half terms and two weeks for Christmas & Easter.
    3-4 staff, 6-9 kids, 3 meals a day and all organic.
    Expensive but I'm convinced its the best childcare in London.

    Pizza oven goals

    Ooni suggest using charcoal for a base level of heat and wood to push it higher.

    What kind of wood were you burning? How dry was it and how was it dried. Sometimes kiln dried wood loses some of its calorific value so produces less heat when burned.

    I know what wood I have (felled and processes it myself). Ours is oak, air dried for two years and I’ll probably leave it indoors on underfloor heated floor to get it to a really low moisture content.

    Hi. I have two Arsenal season tickets available for rent for the whole of next season.

    These are my personal tickets but I have been renting them to forumengers for the last two years while I have had access to some swankier seats elsewhere in the ground.

    My hair kitchen island

    Our new kitchen was designed to avoid some of the washing up difficulties.

    There is a prep sink on the island.

    Peronis all round!

  • Do you have a live stream to DJ's Alexa?

  • Reported for bullying

  • I think he only made it in twice as well! I was looking for a post that was along the lines of "help me buy a holiday home in France" that had some crackers but I can't find it.

  • hahaha. long overdue.

  • Do you have a live stream to DJ's Alexa?

    Unfortunately this was my first thought as well.

    Sadly, as a long time forumer, I am still poor and ride a fixed gear bike, so I doubt I will be able to provide any of my own source material here.

    However, I feel I can definitely contribute towards dressing down other, wealthier people.

  • Poverty keeps you honest slightly less of a cunt, innit?

  • Well, I'm not sure about that.

  • Ha!

    Tbf I was chatting on the home owner's humblebrag thread about French leasebacks, so it could have been me.

  • Was enjoying the OP until I got to my part. Lol.

  • Now this is a thread!

  • It's like the SFSS thread, but somehow saltier

  • I feel attacked

  • This thread is forcing a surprising amount of anxious introspection on my part.

  • Luckily upon reflection I feel that I have done nothing to warrant inclusion in this thread.

  • ^

  • Give me 60 fucking seconds

  • I’ve just bought another Porsche

  • 15 seconds max

  • It's the same pretentious wankers. We all just got older.

  • Splendid work

  • 15 seconds max

    That one was a lie, I would point out.

  • Possibly

  • Wonderful, like the hipster thread but for boring people...

  • No mention of watch thread? No chai latte for you

    Also being a BAME immigrant, it automatically excludes me from ever being quoted on this thread.

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Overheard at the LFGSS golf club bar

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