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  • anyone else get crotch pain with saddles? i feel like the nose of the saddle is giving me discomfort in my private bits (male).

    anyone care to share some tricks and tips or any workaround?

  • There’s no work around. If you’ve tried changing the angle of your saddle slightly and you can’t get it to work, you need to try a new saddle.

  • Spend £500 on saddles, then realise that your saddle issues were nothing to do with the model, but with your poor position.
    Go for a bike fit, live happily ever after and without ED.

  • Try one with a cut out...perhaps a leather brooks style might be worth a try but will need breaking in.

  • its quite an aggressive position on a dolan pre cursa.

  • are you actually able to ride in that position or is it for instagram likes?

    as already suggested, get a bike fit done. ride in a position where you are able to be comfortable.

  • any mates with different saddles you could borrow for a couple of hours?

  • absolutely no mates with bikes/spares. lonely world.

  • Post your whole bike here and we’ll start there

  • i have fitted my saddle height to the desired measure that is correct to my legs, health and all. no internet points i promise.


    i have tilted my saddle slightly forward to compensate for numbness prior to taking this picture. although it was level beforehand

    im 6ft3 (91cm inseam). this is a 61cm frame. i did have to use a shorter stem slightly to compensate for dolan's weird geo measuring techniques.

  • Thats saddle and angle is very bad for you get the a romin or fabric

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  • I’d say you need to rotate your position forward slightly and extend reach so that your weight is more balanced between the handlebars and saddle. Sounds like too much weight is on the latter.

  • No
    Saddle too high, hence why it’s nose down.

  • i have fitted my saddle height to the desired measure that is correct
    to my legs

    Have you tried dropping the saddle a touch? Agree with Pifko also the others saying try different saddles.

  • Getting a bike fit in many people situation isn’t always affordable.

    Cyclefit who many suggest is £350 for a fit.

    The posters bike is worth about that so I might be being assuming to much but I’m guessing it’s not in the posters budget.

    My advice is as one or two others have suggested is it looks as if your saddle is too high.
    Saddles are designed to be positioned flat.
    Yours is very nose down. Try lowering the saddle and levelling it off.
    Also I could never get on with Turbo saddles.
    Perhaps try a saddle that are well liked by many people... Charge Spoon, Fabric Scoop, something by Specialized Toupe, Romin or Phenom

  • Charge Spoon

    This was a great starting point for me. I’ve had many worse saddles since

  • You can pick them up for a song too so a great starting saddle without breaking the bank

  • another type of saddle trouble... I bought a carbon arione off ebay (first mistake probably) which I'd presumed was OEM but am realising now is probably counterfeit. when I try to clamp it to my ergon CF3 seat post (using the oval rail adapter)... it just won't seat properly. it's like 1mm too wide. have I just bought a dodgy saddle?

  • Got pics? If it doesn’t fit, eBay case not as described. No point in faffing

  • I'll try get pics up tomorrow - think the bay case not described ship may have sailed. bought the saddle a while back, tried to fit to no avail, slung it in the cupboard to deal with in future........

  • Im all for lowering saddle. It seems to be alleviating but I do lose optimal leg extension. I have tried a specialised avatar. We’re same issue - ass was okay but pinching my bits. Now riding with a specialised stub nose but the ass now hurts but private’s aren’t being pinched. The search continues

    Bike fit is unfortunately too pricey for my pockets

  • How are you so sure that you’re in “optimal leg extension”?

    If your hips are rocking in anyway your saddle is too high (which as everyone including me seems to think).

    Also were you also running the Specialized saddle nose down in the same way the Turbo is in the picture above?

  • FWIW, I'm the same height and inseam as you, and I ride a frame 3cm smaller than yours with much less seat post showing.
    I'd echo others on here and suggest dropping the seat post down, leveling the saddle and see how you get on

    Your leg shouldn't be fully extended when at the bottom on the pedal stroke

  • A by no means as good as bike fit way to set your saddle at the correct height:

    Get someone to hold you on your bike upright, get them to face you holding on to the handle bars with the front wheel between their legs.
    Put your pedal down to the lowest point and place your head above the pedal spindle so your leg is locked out. Now when the ball of your foot is above the spindle you should be at the correct leg extension.
    With no one knowledgeable with you, perhaps try putting both feet with the heals above the spindle and back pedal and ensure your hips are not rocking.

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saddle troubles

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