FS: Serotta - Withdrawn

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  • Heavy hearted house move sale....
    Never thought I’d be advertising this for sale but needs must.
    1999 ish serotta custom c4ti frame in big boy blue.
    Paint matched Columbus minimal 1” forks
    Paint matched pro plt stems 120mm and 130mm
    Silver 1” Chris king threadless headset

    Looking for £950

    Pictures and specs to follow but check out this thread


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  • Very nice. Size?
    Not that I can at the moment

  • Looks too big for me thankfully! Very nice though. GLWS

  • From memory:
    HT 1” & 16.8cm
    TT - 54.5cc
    ST - 57cc
    Clears Paris roubaix front and rear
    Frame weight: 1.35kg
    Forks : around 35og

  • Damn that’s nice...

  • it would be nice ( risky, dangerous) to know what is the bb to saddle top distance on the pics

  • Man I’m so relieved it’s too small

  • Me too! It's beautiful.

  • Ooft. That’s beautiful

  • Lovely

  • Sweet jesus, that's a beauty.

  • Uhoh... my size. Would shipping be an option?

  • Yep, question is where are you?
    Cheers j

  • Is the second photo during the Dunwich Dynamo?

    Lovely bike but no need for me, GLWS

  • Good spot! About 80 miles in I think. Me and a mate did it in 2018 with a nice tailwind all the way and in the day.

  • Pm sir!

  • Thanks for all the pm’s.
    I’ll post up the measurements people have asked for, postage costs and some more pictures .

  • Exact measurements:

    HT = 16.2
    TT = 55cc
    STcc = 57
    STct = 59

    Europe postage:
    France £25
    Finland £30
    Holland £25
    Uk £20
    Those prices only include £50 cover...

  • If interested please be aware that there will be pp fees on top of the price but I’m willing to split those 50:50 for anyone serious.

  • Hello: could be about my size; what height are you?

  • 5ft 11 longish legs but stem and / seatpost (it takes 27.2) can obviously be set up a few inches either side.

  • Would you consider selling just frame alone? No fork, headsets or stems required.

  • Bit of an update....
    Still for sale due to - lots of interest, then deciding against purchasing when it comes to the crunch and some absolute prick on eBay “buying “ my shamals but then going silent and not paying and I can’t relist them yet.
    I don’t want to split but will sell without the headset.


FS: Serotta - Withdrawn

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