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  • I got these ordered over the last week,

    Dunno if the 3T Pista bars are quite right, and the stem looks too long to my eye,

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  • Waiting for these wheels to turn up, the headset too,

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  • Lastly got the seat ordered, I'd long admired this frame/build on pedal room so as un-original as it may be I want to stick as close as poss to it,


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  • I love that Flanders paintjob so much. I saved a photo of it from here a long time ago so it's good to see it's in good hands. Any plans to build it up? Also this thread makes me miss my FBM bmx that I sold:(

  • I had it built briefly and forgot to photograph it, apologies, it is a pretty paint job, bought it purely for that reason,

    Fat Bald Men........class.

  • Found this for sale so bagged it for the Super Pista,

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  • This too,

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    • Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 23.52.44.png
  • I certainly will build what I like but the problem is that what I like is how you built all your builds with period correct parts. As you said, prices seem to have gone daft for mid-school parts so my plan is to build pseudo-survivors. They don't have to be brand new but correct parts and solid so that I can ride them. Out of interest, do you know where all your old builds ended up or was that hard to keep track of?

  • I've no idea where they are now, I saw a photo of the Ti-Code years ago but that's it I'm afraid,
    I'm neither a collector or hoarder, I enjoy restoring and building stuff but still have the firm belief that they should be out there being seen by other folk and maybe even used, lining them up gathering dust in my attic always seemed a shame,
    Daft prices is what drove me away from the Old/mid school scene, it started to seem like every forum thread was about "how much X is worth" and I couldn't see the fun in that,
    Met a guy once that told me "I've being buying up all the old school BMX parts for the last few years, my plan is to hold the entire scene to ransom..."
    I just thought he was a complete cunt, and a sad cunt at that.

    I like the idea of the "Pseudo-survivor" they were always my favourites to see, keep it up!

    It even occurred to me that building this Colnago was a bit hypocritical as I've spent a fair bit on it, but that said, I'd never have started the project had my son not taken his own life.
    And even then, I'm only keeping it for a little while, when I'm gone it'll move on for someone else to enjoy.

  • S&M XL-LAF custom made for me by S&M bikes,

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  • Eastern Ti Grim Reaper, never really got along with this bike, was a project to see how light I could build a working BMX bike, was like riding a rubber band tbh....

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  • S&M HOLMES Next Generation,
    Or "the big white cock" as it was fondly known...

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  • One bike I dearly regret selling, cost me nothing and was coated with Chicken shit when I got it,
    I just loved this bike, a friend brought it back from a French market for me,

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  • "I've being buying up all the old school BMX parts for the last few years, my plan is to hold the entire scene to ransom..."

    God I hate people like that. It's a hobby, can people not switch of the part of their lizard brain associated with fucking others over in their spare time? It's shit like that that made me stop collecting vinyl.

    You've got some awesome builds here man, that colnago is gonna be tasty!

  • Colnago current state,

    Wheels sorted, seat and post sorted,
    Got the pista cranks in the post, not keen on the chain wheel aesthetic so ordered a campy NJS chainring,
    Wrapped the 3T Pista bar in 3T Cello-Nastro NOS tape,

    Samson from here arrived, ordered some Araya/Shimano/Soyo wheels for it,

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  • So thats my current fleet of grief,

    Specialized Levo
    On One Pickenflick Ti
    Ciocc Designer 84
    Samson NJS
    Colnago Super Pista

    The Flanders is semi built but I'm not sure whether it's staying or not,

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  • Holy shit. That colnago is beautiful. Any more pics of whole build?

  • More pics of the flanders please:)

  • I initially built the Flanders up with all silver Campag parts and a white Concor seat but I couldn't get along with how it looked, so been trying to get some black on it to try and make the pink pop a bit,

    Colnago stands like this,
    Super Pista frameset,
    3T Pista bars and Pista stem, 3t Celo-Nastro shiny tape
    Campy Pista headset
    Campy Pista no flute crankset with Ti axle
    Campy Pista seat post
    San Marco Concor Superleggera seat
    Campy Sheriff Star hubs, front radial laced into Mavic rims, flat spokes, vittoria tyres,

    Trying to get it as Era-correct as poss, so if anyone can point out any errors I've made I'd be really chuffed and happy to correct them,

    Just waiting for the Regina Pista chain to arrived and it's pretty much done,

    It'll live in my hallway and I'll use it to hang my socks and pants on to dry

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  • The Molly Flanders,

    Baffled as to whether to keep this fucker or not....

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  • Keep it, if nothing else for that paint job.

    The collection is looking really nice. Can you get some more pics up of the Samson? It's making me want to go back to an NJS frame.

  • Stunning collection, very nicely done.

    Less is more for me, 5 seems a good number although the chicken shit bike would off made a nice addition!

  • I know nothing of BMX but the Colnago is looking lovely.

    Condolences for your loss. I hope the bike building is helping you process things. I can't imagine what it would be like but having projects to get on with sounds like it must be a help.

  • I had not seen this thread before. Firstly please let me offer my condolences for your loss. As a father also I can't even imagine what you're going through. I'm sure no words really offer any comfort of solace, but I truly hope you find a way to keep your head up and keep going.

    As for the fleet (and ex fleet), great work.! I'm just young enough to have missed the bmx era, but to the untrained eye these do look the business. The current fleet all tick the right boxes and definitely make for great decor and talking points, the Flanders is my favourite. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nag and Samson look great, that Pista stem angle with the drops is always so nice.

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Fleet of Grief

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