Fleet of Grief

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  • I've been building again as a distraction from the brutal grief of losing my son,

    Like as a catharsis to give my mind a rest from the constant urge to shuffle off this mortal coil,

    I'd wanted a Ciocc ever since I saw one hanging in the frame room of my local bike shop as a kid,

    So built this one as a retro whatever, something pretty that I could maybe use,

    Ciocc Designer Microf 84

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  • This arrived in the post today, I think it's a Colnago, I'm not sure, it's an ornament for my hallway so it doesn't really matter what it is, the parts on it were just to get it off the ground and see it's silhouette,
    I'd be really grateful if anyone could suggest some ideas for what parts it deserves, money and patience aren't a problem,

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  • These are just as ornaments too, I like having them around,

    I'm having a custom track frame built by J F Wilson here in dirty old Sheffield so will be begging for help with the specs for that at the end of the year when my slot comes up, at the same time I'm hoping that the LeJeune will get a new top tube,
    I'd been reading about the previous owners plans for it on here and like the idea of NOT restoring it when the repair is done, instead I'll have a J F Wilson decal on the new top tube and then clear coat the whole frame,

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  • Don’t know what to say really...
    As a dad I can’t even contemplate what you’re going through. Nothing anyone can say can make it better. Life is shite and makes no sense sometimes. Jeez...
    Interesting frames! Did you get the yellow look (respray) if a lady from beaminster? I’ll happily send you the special seat clamp bolt and a 25mm post for free if you want. All the best. J

  • That'd be amazing thank you! I'd got a saved searched on Ebay for the Look bolt, and was settled in for a long wait for one to appear for it, I'll happily donate to the forum if you like?
    the frame was on Ebay for silly cheap so I made an even cheekier offer and the seller accepted, plan was to hang it on the wall as a bit of art but I keep thinking it might be nice to build it with a flat bar and the most modern groupset that it will take, dunno, I plan them in my head for a break,
    And thanks for the kind words, it'll never get better, just worse, all the light drained out of my soul when he left this world, but I keep going to look after my family, parents, you know,

  • I thought I'd risk posting a few of my bike restorations/builds from years ago,

    I'd built numerous BMX bikes but got tired of the constant chatter about the prices of everything, and I'd backed myself into a corner being a cunt about others builds if they weren't up to scratch, I gave up my job to nurse my old man through his last year of the cancer so ended up selling them all,

    I was given this Dave Marsh frame by a friend, it had a knackered mech hanger and I'd never built anything other than off road bikes so had a play around with it,

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  • I’ll pm you.
    Say hello to nether edge and totley for me - I was at the poly in the late 80s early 90s but haven’t been back since

  • S&M Holmes, genuine 90's not a reissue, my friend Alex Leech had it under his bed from new, fucking idiot for selling this, oh well,

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  • Love standards and s and m’s!
    My mid life crisis part 1

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  • Last one, I don't want to piss anyone off, so I won't post them all,

    Tonic Fabrications Fallguy , the most versatile bike I've ever owned, I rode this thing to the point of distraction, was a lovely thing, beautifully made, only my fat belly insisted it go down the road, if I ever see it for sale I'll buy it back,

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  • Thank you so much, that's really kind of you, I'll make a donation to the forum, x

  • Like a boss, damn I wish I could still do that, good times at the track,

    My sister lives at Nether Edge, I live over in the rough-as-fuck end,

  • So sorry to read about your loss.

    I can’t imagine how you feel, but glad the bike builds are helping as a distraction.

  • Sorry for your loss. Can't imagine how that must feel.

    Please don't stop posting your BMXs they're cracking. Some of my dream bikes there. Especially the Standard 125 and the Ti T1.

  • That red standard is utter filth. It’s yours? Stunning!

  • oh my god. you own this! Without a doubt my favourite bmx ever (and i rode BMX for 15+ years). Since I saw it in that Rad Rides book I've been totally obsessed. Thanks for building that, gave me a lot of delight to look at

  • Nice collection! The Ciocc is lovely.
    Keep getting the urge to buy a BMX again but convincing myself not to...

  • My chase white one in the picture is available - minimal use as i was crap

  • Sorry for your loss.

    Please don’t stop posting the bmxes, they are well porn! That red Standard is a beast.

  • So sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine what it must be like but I'm wishing you all the best and hope that the bike building keeps offering the solace you need.

    Like a couple of posts already mentioned, I also saw your BMX collection in Rad Rides and I was/still in awe of them. The Mid School era is what made me fall in love with BMX and is the thing that still ties me to it now. Part of the reason I bought a Barcode and an STA500 was seeing the level of builds you did and although mine won't be nearly as nice they'll be the kind of thing I'll be aiming for. Your Standard 125 is still one of my favourite builds of all time. All the best and thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thank you for everyones condolences, there isn't a day that goes by without the urge to jump out of the world, hearing peoples kindnesses heartens me a little,

    Just build what you like ricky2slicky, there is no better or worse for me anymore, just different, I'll look forward to seeing your STA500 and Barcode...


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Fleet of Grief

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