New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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  • TIG welding is a bit tricky as it. Small bits that heat easily with small edges is trickier.

  • Thanks!

    TIG welding is a bit tricky

    Don't say that... I've been trying to decide whether to weld or braze for the last 6 months. I'm almost certain that welding is the way to go - cleaner, safer and more 'appropriate' for the style of bike I want to build. But I can only afford to pick up one method, at least to start with, especially as a TIG setup seems to be about twice the start up cost of brazing, and I know that the learning curve is steeper.

  • Welding is easy enough, but getting good looking a durable welds does require practice. It all does.
    I am struggling a bit pushing my tig welding that bit extra to make it pro, but I know what to do, i just can't afford it.

    Either way you will have fun

  • Having tigged a fair bit now i love it, welding is my favourite bit of building a frame. When everything is flowing nicely and you know youre laying nice beads its extremely satisfying.

    However it takes a fair bit of trial and error to get it right. Building up the muscle memory to do it nicely takes a while, but i think its worth it for sure. I cant imagine brazing and having to file/sand every joint it would double the time it takes me to build a frame hah.

  • But that is also rewarding and becomes faster with practice ;-)

  • to be fair the small amount of filing/sanding of fillets ive done has been very satisfying

  • I'm happy to get stuck in sanding and filing - but the more I think about it the more I realise that TIG is where I want to end up, so I might as well start with that. Thanks for the advice, both.

  • Question, if I space my dropouts to 142mm, I can with Paragon inlets go down to 135 mm OLD (and QR)?

  • If you mean these inserts then I suspect you are probably right as the qr ones seem a lot flatter which would account for the difference in width.

    I wondered at one point if I could do this with my Kona Unit which is 135mm qr and I believe the Unit X is 142x12 TA and the frames look pretty much identical. The inserts are a bit pricey and I kind of went off the idea so I never got round to trying it.

  • Thanks! I'll give it a try if the place where I'm going to for the framebuilding course says it's ok and can source it.

  • Might be worth firing paragon an email to ask them if the inserts do indeed account for the spacing.

  • They usually have technical drawings for the parts in pdf format. Should be obvious from them.

  • Seems that the information was there if I looked

    "All our Sliding, Rocker, and PolyDrop dropouts can be converted from a 10 x 135 mm to a 12 x 142 mm hub. It is as easy as switching out the 135 x 10 mm inserts for ones that are compatible with a 142 x 12 mm hub."

    Thanks for the help @M_V and @Brommers

  • First go on TIG. This could take a while...

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  • After some advice - I'm about to go down the custom steel disc fork route and I'd like to spec the fork crown as I really dislike the aesthetic of either segmented or the traditional U shape.

    I looked up Ceeway and found this:

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  • Is there anything I need to consider/alternatives that would look more like a traditional horizontal crown?

    And how much clearance would you subtract from the wheel size specified above or does that include mud?!

  • I think that one fits a 2.0" tyre max. I think I have a photo of it actually

  • I think I have a photo of it actually

    2" tyre is ideal - if you have a photo that would be great.

  • PS will need a stem at some point...

  • This tyre measures 50mm bang on.

    What sort of fork do you need? I got this going spare. No dropouts in yet yet and 220mm 1 1/8" steerer.

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  • That would be ideal, although I wonder that a 44mm headtube measuring 170mm might be a bit tight..

  • yes. If external cups you'd need 250mm steerer.

    Another thing. 44mm head tube and skinny cast fork crown might look that nice imo

  • I agree, I'm probably after the impossible ie a wide cast fork crown so the transition doesn't look weird

  • Maybe a custom bi plane thing? Or fillet brazed segmented? There are different types og segmented forks and some look better than others

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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