New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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  • Where have you read that?

  • Take it you have to have been a member for a period of time before you can view classifieds on there?

  • Not sure, I've been on it for ages.
    Probably one where you have to make x10 posts or so.

    It's a guy in Camberley, Surrey, selling some frame building kit in x2 lots:

    *FS: Anvil Journeyman 3.1, alignment table / tools, heatsink, reaming set & more (UK)
    With a heavy heart a change in circumstances has led me to put my frame building tools up for sale. Everything is either very lightly used (near new) or unused (as new). It isn't getting any use by me, so needs to go to a good home.
    Ideally I would like to sell the tools as a job lot in a couple of bundles. Tools will be available for collection only from Camberley, UK. I can supply photos of any / all items however require collection so the buyer can validate the condition in person. I realise I do not have any posting history on Velocipede therefore a face to face sale should reassure any buyer they are not being scammed.
    Most of the tools were sourced from the US so any prospective UK buyer is also saving themselves reasonably significant shipping costs, import duty and currency costs over and above the prices quoted below. For anything with a USD RRP I have converted at 0.8 GBP = 1.0 USD. I have used the cheapest current RRP, not what I paid for each item which in most cases was more. I didn't search for hours though. Please contact me with any questions.

    Bundle #1 - Frame building tools - £3,200 no offers
    Items listed below with RRP totalling £5,362
    If I was selling items individually my starting point would be 2/3rds of RRP, i.e. £3,539
    Willing to sell as a job lot for £3,200
    The alignment table was a custom build by Cofa Engineering of Bristol (I met them at Bespoked) so I can supply further details and photos as required - it is a very clever and compact design.
    FS: Anvil Journeyman 3.1, alignment table / tools, heatsink, reaming set & more (UK)-framebuilding-jpg

    Bundle #2 - Headset / BB reaming set - £450 no offers
    Items listed below with RRP totalling £777
    In this instance the items are new, pristine and boxed; the cutters are all still in their wax
    If I was selling items individually my starting point would be 2/3rds of RRP, i.e. £513
    Willing to sell as a job lot for £450
    FS: Anvil Journeyman 3.1, alignment table / tools, heatsink, reaming set & more (UK)-reaming-jpg
    Thanks for looking!!!*

  • ^ That hasn't come out too clearly, as a few bits of detail have been lost in cut and paste.

    I can find out more if anyone is interested and hasn't got the privileges necessary to communicate on that Forum.

    I would possibly be interested in the alignment table from bundle 1, if anyone else wants the rest of the kit.

  • I find Velocipede salon a bit wierd, Richard sachs and his buddies making sarky comments online. Ive never posted but seen some wierd threads on there, R.S and his mates circlejerking a bunch

  • no pretty sure loads of people on here are doing brass with oxy-p, but oxy-a is hotter

  • I’ve built a frame with propane and brass, it’s not even nearly at full gas to do so either. Could quite easily get too hot with propane if you weren’t careful but doesn’t burn as hot as acetylene. Is more stable though so arguably safer, less spontaneously combusting (propane)

  • I might be keen on some of the stuff there, heatsinks and a few other bits, ill have a think. potentially could fill it out if someone else needs the other bits

  • This is the table of framebuilding things for sale in that VS thread

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    • framebuilding.jpg
  • Consider my dumb question answered then :)

  • I agree, it is a bit wierd, especially some of the R.S. stuff (ATMO)!

  • In the spirit of noob-questions:
    Id be glad having these questions out of my mind... Id really appreciate your advise so I can start on that frame finally

    • How do you orient the tube in terms of mitre-length? miter the tube so that both miters (essp. on DT and TT) have the same length or do you e.g. keep the miter of the DT-HT junction longer due to more stresses?

    -Is there a "minimum" length of the thicker unbutted section of the tube that shouldn't be cut of?

    • Do you face the BB-Shell prior to setting it up in the Jig? So that you can draw confidence in the squareness of the BB-Shell right from the beginning

    Grazie mile!

    1. Lots of tubing will have a shorter and longer butt. These are differentiated as one end of the tube is painted. I can never remember which is which so I always check with a butt checker prior to doing anything. I think as long as you have enough butt on each end (>35/40mm) it is fine. I'm sure you could be clever about more butt where stresses are highest but idk.

    2. Yes 35/40mm afaik

    3. Unless you are using an uber nice anvil jig (or similar) the error associated with the bb shell is (imo) pretty irrelevant. The jig isn't that straight, the frame will move when welding/brazing etc. It's nice to do but probably more important is refining your weld sequence if you want to make sure the frame is as straight as after welding. However if you have the tools you might as well do it... :)

    Might be difficult to face a bb shell without a lathe or something

  • Thanks my man! That was helpful!
    Out of interest: Where do the 35/40mm. come from?

  • No problem, :) That's what columbus says, well columbus say 30mm but I added a bit to be safe

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  • From the ones I’ve bought, the BB shells are machined pretty nicely with flat surfaces on the ends. I would be confident in them being fairly square.

  • The Columbus catalogue says which end is painted.

    I’ve forgotten again already!

    Edit: Seems the painted end doesn’t always denote the long or short butt.

  • Edit: Seems the painted end doesn’t always denote the long or short butt.

    haha confusing bastards

  • I guess they must have an idea of which way around you would/should use a tube? Otherwise it’s just random n they wouldn’t do that, would they?!

  • Insightfull. Grazie!

    @PhilDAS I`ll give them Silva-BB-shells from Ceeway a try...

  • I’m considering buying a Columbus Cento tube set. Not that I would use it any time soon. I’d save it for years to come when I’m much better practised but just since it’s limited edition and everything.

  • Have you inquired as to the price?

    Guess it might be worth getting one but keeping it around for a while.

  • No but I’m expecting it to be a lot, I just wondered whether I’d wish I’d have picked some up in 5 years time

  • 540 notes...

  • I’d guessed around that. It’d be over 2k to get a frame made from it...

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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