New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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  • Oh and i might have some dummy axles you can have i used to make them

  • That would be amazing thanks! I'll send you a pm.

    I actually just found Chuey Jus on Facebook framebuilders group as he's currently selling a BML jig too. Thanks for the heads up

  • Big bada boom. Actually, hopefully not.

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  • Got some frame bits to shift that I'm not going to get around to. A small 853 road frame, 90s maybe that has pinholes in the seat tube, a 56ish Moser Leader that needs a downtube replacement and the rear triangle of a small Genesis Volare 853.
    Any interest?

  • Super nice!

    I recommend getting slightly smaller hoses.
    It doesn't cost a lot and really makes a difference.

    Unless I am thrown off by the scale of the bottles and your hoses are actually petite

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  • I always wanted to get some of those really light Kevlar hoses like Joe at Cobra has, they look super easy to handle although he said his started to perish after about 8 years. I guess worth it if you're using it every day but not if it's occasional use

  • Be interesting to see how long that little bottle lasts

  • Actually he recently made a post about the Kevlar hoses being dangerous and useless.
    I have used them before and it is light and nimble but I don't wanna fuck around with acetylene

  • Probably wise

  • And probably way cheaper.

    It is 3/8" internal (5mm)

    Here's what paid in DKK without fancy discounts. Divide by 10 to get rough GBP prices.

    Top one is the hoses rest is the new ferrules (?) Needed to make it work with my flashback arrestors and torch

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  • Mwahahahaha...

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  • I’m going to try bonding some eyelets onto my carbon frame so I can run proper mudguards and leave them on forever. I plan on epoxying hourglass eyelets and re-enforcing somehow (to be thought about at length). This sounds ok right?
    Where’s the best source of m5 eyelets?

  • Hey all,

    I have a Brompton rear triangle I have cut a load of hideous cable guides off and want a single zip tie or looped guide brazing on…

    If anyone fancies the job it will take all of 5 minutes… I just don’t have the space to set myself up ATM!

    Obviously happy to cover all costs / labour time!

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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