New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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  • I don’t think I’ve watched any of his brazing stuff but I was watching his machining vids for a while. Also watched a lot of Abom vids and was cringing when he got the brazing torch out for a job and made a total arse of it.

  • Nice NJS frame in need of a Geoff Roberts style repair, good opportunity for someone if it stays cheap...­ck-Bike-Frame-Forks-Hatta-Swan-BB-Headse­t-Snapped-Seat-Tube/293492240971?hash=it­em445580324b:g:xVEAAOSw3fFeVaLE

  • was thinking about adding a disc brake mount to a 631 frame. Have small gas torch, flux, and silver solder of varying grades already. Think I've got the ability to align mount/file and braze it on without fucking everything up, and interested to try it, but equally could just fling it at a proper builder to do.

    Yea or nay?

  • Yea, do it!

    Take your time, but do it!

  • ha! might be 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread' but am keen to try it.

    the frame is fillet brazed so mostly worried about possibly fucking up existing joins-think clamping on some kind of heat-sink to the drop out/seat stay where the disc mount will be brazed on is necessary or recommended?

  • Assuming the frame is brazed using brass, your silver solder has a much lower melting point, so I wouldn't worry too much about damaging the fillets.

    It wouldn't hurt to order a second disk mount or just a price of steel plate and practice soldering it to something other than a bicycle frame. Just to get an idea of the type of heat you need to focus into the mount rather than the thin tube.

  • Just don't get anything yellow hot and your brass frame joints won't be affected. Silver will flow with just a dull red glow on the steel

  • That said, I'd rather be using brass for a disc brake personally...

  • good to know, thank you.

    Will have a poke about on ceeway and be sure to have a couple of trials on scrap before attempting anything!

  • is that because it's more appropriate to the kind of join, just because it's stronger, or both?

    I was going for the silver mostly because the melting point is lower and would be less risk to the frame, but if not appropriate then obvs will look at brass again.

  • It just flows like a much thinner liquid when melted so it is difficult to build up a decent size fillet so you'll have less surface area of filler holding it together.
    Doable though I'm sure

  • gotcha, thanks.

  • Any recommendations on a pipe bender. Mainly for racks. I have used one of those £10 copper pipe benders and it worked okay but was looking for something with a bigger curve radius and just a bit more versatile.

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  • Anybody interested by a small cracked Kona Smoke? Free pick up from KT6

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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