New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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  • The fillet I laid at Matt’s with the acetylene was neater than these but these are definitely an improvement on what I have been doing.

    I’ve order no1 & 2 tips for my torch so hopefully that’ll help me neaten things up too.

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  • Anyone know where to get this Dedacciai headtube? MTS56250

    I've found an American supplier which is reasonably priced but very expensive after shipping and taxes, and a Czech webshop where I can't pay...

  • Maybe Ceeway?

  • Not sure why I hadn't thought of that, sent them an e-mail.

  • not sure where this should go but over on velocipede salon someone's selling a jig. Based in Camberly­/fs-anvil-journeyman-3-1-mobile-stand-un­iversal-tube-holder-uk-53113.html

  • @M_V great idea for a thread. Hopefully get back up to speed and started on the new frame sometime this month after a house/job move. Plenty of questions to come, I'm sure.

  • first night of my TIG welding course tonight! wish me luck

  • Good luck!

    Did you find a specifically tig night class?

  • ThBks! It's 'level 1 welding' and apparently you can try all processes in week one, then you pick one to specialise in

  • Nice. Enjoy it!

  • well the basic act of TIG welding was a lot less scary than some people would have you believe. I managed to lay down some OK looking beads on flat plate and fillet joints. Then we had a go a an upright T-joint that was a lot harder. we couldn't even manage to get metal into the crevice properly and kept dabbing it either on the flat or up the "wall" of the joint! but we goet there with a bit of practice.

  • When I was doing tig at the nightclass I did I was always thinking I'd like to try one of those big cups you see a lot of tig welders using. I reckoned you could rest the cup on the metal and having that sort of pivot point would make it easier to keep the tungsten out the puddle.

  • I know its 3 x the price of the TBA low cost frame fixture, but I feel like its such better value than one of those things. If I had space/time I'd get it.

  • Is it at Richmond college (in Twickenham)?

    If so I did that about 8 years ago. Great course.

  • Just a tad north of there. Burnley College (heeeeeee)

    Managed to pass my first test piece last night (outside corner) so pretty pleased.

  • Some of last night's better efforts

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  • .

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  • .

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  • How do you know if your tubes are strong enough for internal cable routing or mounts. Is it just a try and see if it breaks?

  • If anything the tubes get stronger from having internal routing done. Although you drill holes in the tube it is normal practice to reinforce that same hole quite a bit. Plus most commonly you add a smaller tube for the cable to run through. As this is fixed in both end it help stiffen that tube a bit as well.

  • Given the tiny diameter of the routing tube and the fact it's bent, it really won't be adding much to the stiffness of the frame tube. It will help mitigate the weakness created by drilling the hole.

  • Okay nice, thanks for the info. I thought it might lose some integrity.

    I have done it on my first frame. I brazed the internal tube and cover all in one go. Would it have been better to braze the tube in and then the cover?

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion.

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