New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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  • A thread for the blossoming crop of forumengers who are taking up torch and file.

    The ‘I am a framebuilder AMA’ thread and the framebuilders Facebook group are excellent sources of info but sometimes you don’t want to hear that you need an Anvil chainstay jig or a vertical mill to do what you’re trying to do.

    Chances are if you are struggling with something, someone else might have been having the same struggle just last week so a problem shared is a problem halved.

    And let’s try and have a ‘no question too dumb’ policy. I know there’s been a few things I’ve been ashamed to ask the more experienced builders.

    For anyone that hasn’t seen my CP thread, I started with Mapp and for a couple years that was all I had. I was simultaneously doing light frame mods (cable guides, canti posts, brake bridges) and a bit of jewellery making with the Mapp then about 2 years ago I started thinking about doing a framebuilding course. I was worried though that without better kit of my own, and being at the opposite end of the country to most of the framebuilding schools, a course might be a nice experience but little more so instead I invested in an oxy-propane torch and some tubes and got stuck in. Now on frame no 3 I’m building without a jig, just using my vice and a digital inclinometer to keep everything straight. Frame 1 ended up with a steeper head and slacker seat angle than I meant, the back end of no2 was a bit out of line and hopefully no3 will be the Goldilocks frame, everything just right!

    So, share your progress, your triumphs and your problems...

  • nice idea, this should be valuable :)

  • Great idea for a thread. I've recently acquired some gas hoses/torches/gauges and a TIG welder very cheaply but genuinely not sure what exactly they are, how they work, or what I need to make them work.

    It's a long story but I need to post pics. Will try and get round to it in the next few weeks.

  • If you have any questions about tig, just shout. I'm no master, but happy to help where possible!

    It was a very steep learning curve for me at the beginning and it took me ages to figure stuff out

    Edit : If you havent already, pithy bikes is an amazing source of info­weCgviyj_E0VEy9

  • Cheers bruvvvvv yeah I've seen him and been watching a lot of the other prominent YT welders. I'm starting a course at my local college in Sept so pretty excited.

    I have a fucking massive dock off Cebora thing which looks like it'd blow my house up if I plugged it in LOL. Plus I need a torch and gas for it. Right now it's just the power supply.

  • There’s not a huge amount on YouTube so I’m sure you would have seen Cobra Frames but if not, check him out. He has a video for nearly every aspect of framebuilding

  • That link is coming up as "This channel doesn't exist" - have they changed names or shut it down?

    I have finally got the gases (oxy-propane) for brazing but like @fizzy.bleach not 100% sure how to connect it all - esp. where the connections to the flashback arrestors go. Is this more or less accurate:

  • That’s how I’ve been using it aye

  • and what is the difference between these two different types of flashback arrestors? Can they be used in conjunction for extra protection?

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    • flashbackarrestors.JPG
  • Stop what you're doing right now and book yourself on a gas safety course. Your own or others deaths are not worth 'learning from experience' when it comes to highly volatile substances.

    My father became a safety officer after a gas accident caused him to lose his sense of smell (and subsequently sense of taste), he was lucky. Do not risk it, it's not a "what the worse that can happen" sort of senario.

  • That link is coming up as "This channel doesn't exist" - have they changed names or shut it down?­weCgviyj_E0VEy9Q

    +1 for Pithy Bikes.

    Very enjoyable and educational channel.

  • Anyone built their own frame jig? I’ve been meaning to for about 5 years but only just got most of the parts together. Be interested to see what others have done.

  • yeah i built mine, tbh i would just buy one were i to do it again, but it was a good learning experience
    ill take some photos and whack them up in a bit, i have a bunch of improvements to make but it works as is

  • Well fuck.

    Somehow I’ve managed to put the wishbone stays in skee whiff. I think it would still ride straight but I’d know so I’m going to redo them.

    Spent bloody ages filing the fillets today too!

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    • FD33D88E-36A0-4CAD-A173-6FA2C174CB82.jpeg
  • ah bugger, good luck with the repair

  • Really keen to know what the pink object bottom-centre of that pic is

  • The late Ron Cooper...a very well respected frame Builder always built with out jigs and has of the opinion that this method was better as it applied less stress to the frame during construction.

  • I would go with minimum tooling as possible as I don’t like to get into that trap of thinking you need to buy gear to get a result. But I would be tig welding it together and maybe tig brazing and therefore not using lugs. So it’s would be tricky to put together without a jig.

    It would only be for tacking things in place but with welding you need as minimal gaps as possible, so using a jig of some sort is necessary unfortunately.

  • I remember this one from kick starter a while back.
    Probably not too hard to replicate.­edmediaeng/the-jiggernaut-bringing-bicyc­le-frame-building-to

  • Well it looks a lot better than it did last night...

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    • 0F82DE60-11DF-46A5-BDA4-741B358927B5.jpeg
  • Really keen to know what the pink object bottom-centre of that pic is

    Pretty sure it was just my hand. I was definitely clothed and not ‘swinging on the breeze’ when I took the photo.

  • What size rods everyone using for those fillets?

    I bought a load of 3.2mm rods when I started out but I’m starting to think that smaller rods are better.

    Seems like with fatter rods you have to pump a load more heat into the area then when the rod finally flows, it flows all over the bloody place. Smaller rod, you can keep it a bit more focused.

  • I've read in a few places that oxy-propane isn't hot enough for brass brazing. Is acetylene necessary?

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New/amateur/garage/kitchen framebuilding discussion

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