Primus / Stove Appreciation

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  • Wood fired

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  • Bit of a long shot but does anyone have any use for a half full Primus gas cartridge? Free if you can pick it up from SE20! Not very exciting I know but I've got no use for it and would rather not just chuck it.

  • Here’s my stove... not very portable though!

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  • This is about as light as I can go now.

    Dripper 35.1g
    Barebones stove 8.9g
    220ml Ti mug 42.7g
    6oz keepcup 38.5g
    Ti Stove as windshield & pot stand 52.9g

    Total 178.1g.

    Extra 7g for the top of stove bit but the pot wedges in nicely at a jaunty angle without that.

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  • Went family camping for a week, expecting to be able to get a Campingaz cylinder there, only to find they couldn't be had for love nor money. Thankfully I'd thrown in the Trangia 25 as a just-in-case backup, and the campsite had campfire spots (and free firewood!) at every pitch, so managed fine for the week, with some surprisingly elaborate meals. Next time I'm tempted to try bringing a Dutch oven and have a go at using that over/in the fire...

  • Dutch oven


  • Hehehe…

    Are you laughing at something some of us are missing? Dutch ovens are cool.

    Trangia news: just found a pretty tatty set, same as mine, in deptford market, but with the kettle. Took old set & kettle to E Anglia on little tour with tea-obsessed lad on tandem, boiled in a trice and was awesome. Burner fits inside it, whole thing packed is v similar if not same volume. We ate out of the pans, only needed trangia, cutlery and cups. Love them.

  • All spares etc are available here

    Happy to help with buying in case you can’t get it in / to the uk, just pm me

  • Which pans? I've got the hard anodised set, which is great, but the frying pan is a bit warped from use; I keep meaning to try and get the duossal pans, but they're not easy to find. Kettle is a must-have; stick it on once the meal's cooked, and then you've got boiling water for a post-meal cuppa and to help clean the pans.

  • In cooking, a Dutch oven is a type of heavy pot with a lid.
    But in slang, a Dutch oven is when you pass gas in bed and pull the covers over someone else’s head, trapping it in like a Dutch oven traps heat.

  • Well. Umm.

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Primus / Stove Appreciation

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