Primus / Stove Appreciation

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  • Recently purchased a couple of Primus 96 stoves with a view to get my child into camping.
    I went for the 96 due to size = convience in my mind.

    What other stoves are people using out there?

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  • Trangia. And also an MSR Pocket Rocket for quick boils

  • brings back bad memories of scouts, no, not the scout leader, just hours of pumping and fear of not having poked your hole enough

  • A 96 Primus is difficult to use? Any tips /advice

  • I use MSR snowshoes and snow anchors...had no idea they did camping stuff too!

  • fill the little bowl with meths
    allow to heat the coils and create pressure / vapourisation this will draw the stuff out of the reservoir below
    at EXACTLY the right moment NOT A MOMENT BEFORE NOT A MOMENT AFTER start pumping, too soon and you drown the whole kaboodle with meths from the reservoir and you get fireball, too late and something equally as catastophic happens and you get a fireball

    you need to make sure everything is completely air tight / sealed or you won't get the pressure in the reservoir, the pump the filler cap

    memories from 35 years ago, but still remember the smell of singed eyebrows

  • oh and remember to poke the hole / jet right at the start with those things front middle, they should have a tiny metal filament sticking out from them

  • Ta very much for the tips, It Sounds complicated.
    I'll give it a go and be wary of fireballs

  • Memories of using Primus stoves 40 years ago and the 4 ft high fireball if not primed properly...

    Didnt know could use meths. Thought was Kerosene only

  • Found a great video which will help a novice such as myself -

  • Great site for stove aficionados -

  • Spent some quality time today looking through the Roughstuff Fellowship Archives on Instagram.

    Some bangin' Primus 96 action on there.

  • Ha, ha, ha. Primus stoves and 'convenience' don't belong in the same sentence.

    They are nice to collect though but for glamping a gas version of the Trangia wins hands down.

  • Jetboil Zip my go-to at the mo.

    Would like msr pocket rocket or primus express too.

    Loads of meths options from Trangia to bearbones 6g to diy beercan / gin can options.

    Looking at empty primus cannister I'm in process of crunching, thinking there's a diy meths stove or at least a windshield/potstand for a smaller meths stove to be had here...

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  • Got an MSR pocket rocket maybe 20 years ago. Still going strong, at the time it was one of the lightest but not overpriced. A design that's been copied lots. Good piece of equipment.

  • I am a huge fan of the Primus stove and have about 5 of them. I always take two on a camping trip. They are utterly reliable, but it helps to understand their needs and foibles.

    I would never suggest that they are convenient; there are numerous downsides. However the satisfying roar when they get going is quite a thing. I have had zero success in getting either of my kids to learn to use them; even mrs de Selby is content to watch and marvel.

    However, having watched fellow campers have all sorts of trouble with various other types of stove, I don't think the venerable Primus is far behind in actual practicality in use.

    There used to be a chap in a hardware shop on Goswell Road EC1 who used to carry spares. The shop is still there (City Hardware?) but I don't think they keep the parts any more.

    There is nothing you can't fix on a Primus, and it all fits into a little tin box. If the Japanese can go to town on their tea ceremony just to make a cup of tea, I have huge respect for anyone who considers the ritual of starting up a Primus an acceptable price for the same. 3-course meals take a little longer but are just as much fun.

  • So I’ve had the same trangia set for nearly 20 years now, it’s the big fucker which is great as I can cook proper meals with it and handy as most of my camping adventures are with LadyLiz.

    Am about to embark on my first solo tour and trying to shave bulk/weight where I can(cos I don’t want to buy a new tent). Looking at the trangia mini but a lot of users saying the pot is too small for the burner so it over boils and no kettle...

    Lots of various diy alternatives of course but was wondering about what else is out there?
    Must be meths as it’s all I’ve ever cooked on while camping.
    Will just be for heating noodles n veg and making coffee...

  • Must be meths as it’s all I’ve ever cooked on while camping.

    Bearbones 22g

    or DIY hobo beercan stove.

    Pair either with alpkit mug & a windshield.

    For faff free boiling water for noodles & coffee I'd recommend jetboil zip these days. #notmeths #addingweight

  • Love the mini stove! Just bought one for the hiking coffee kit!

  • Thanks, I’ve made hobo stoves before, great fun and surprisingly effective.

    I realised I can just use one of these pot stands with my current trangia burner, coupled with the lixada 650ml cup and windshield and I’m good to go. 650ml should be enough for a dangle-mugsworth of coffee with enough water left for the noodles. Sorted.

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  • If you enjoy it, the 6g is worth a look too for ultimate weightweenie impractical fun!

  • Looks great, so simple!

  • That's the one I went for. I reckon it'll fit in the Alpkit mug along with the coffee filter for a hot drink on the hill.

  • I’ve got one, works great on a Trangia burnet but be careful if the pot is full and not complete flat as it isn’t the most stable of things!

  • Thanks, was thinking about that, was planning on packing a ceramic tile or similar to improve matters.

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Primus / Stove Appreciation

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