Anybody been to Bergen ?

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  • Off to Bergen for 4 days in September with some mates with the intention of hiking and swimming around the fjords .
    Anyone got any tips for keeping the trip at a reasonable budget , eating etc ?
    And does anyone know of any decent boat hire to explore the fjords instead of a cruise ?


  • We were there for a day from a cruise ship. Don’t eat at the fish market by the docks. £16 for a sandwich and £25 plus for anything sizeable.
    There’s a row of diners in a street near to the foot of the funicular. They looked less expensive. There’s a mcDonalds there too. Not sure on the prices but a Whoppa Meal was a reported £10 from BK.
    There are lots of options from the old harbour to get out into the fjord. They range from electric cruise style to fast ribs and kayaks.
    It is possible to get a trip from Bergen to Flam, then get the train back. You can do this in reverse too. It won’t be especially cheap. But boy will it be spectacular. The ferry is around £85.
    You can ride to the top of the World Champ TT course and see a plaque on the finish line commemorating Dumoulin’s win.
    You may know already that Bergen is the wettest city in Norway.

  • Stock up on hotel breakfast if possible. Made a big difference not having to buy a proper lunch. Sausage stall, kebab shop and McDonalds down the lanes near Bryggen. Mini supermarkets aren't as expensive as those in Oslo. Or fill up on buns at the coffee shops - set up camp somewhere with refillable filter coffee to get away from the rain!

  • Thanks @Alan_tbt @edmed for your advice . Will be staying in air bnb as it’s cheapest so will cover breakfast with supermarket food most likely . Had a feeling that the ferry is expensive hence cost cutting on food . Norway isn’t probably the most budget friendly place for a student but I’m sure it’ll be worth while . I will prepare myself for rain

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Anybody been to Bergen ?

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