Bottom bracket vice pucks. £15

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  • Made myself a set of bb pucks so that when I’m clamping the bb shell in the vice the jaws don’t damage it.

    Bought enough material to make a second set so offering these for sale.

    They are basically pucks of 50mm bar turned down to reduce the diameter over half their width.

    They are not precision machined so they are a loose fit into the shell, I decided it was better to have them undersize and avoid any binding with the threads. Also the surface finish off the lathe wasn’t great so I’ve given them a bit of a rub down with emery paper so they have a ‘brushed’ finish.

    I could drill and recess them so they can be bolted into the shell and also was thinking about drilling and tapping a hole in the outside face so I could pop a wee bolt in there to act as a stop to prevent them just slipping through the jaws of the vice. I can do these these modifications before sending them if you’d like.

    £15 which includes postage and PayPal fees.

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  • Overall width with them in a 68mm shell is about 100mm so you’ll want to make sure your vice opens to at least that.

  • I’ve got some ta.

  • Yes please, inc modifications. YHPM.

  • So this set is going to @Jingle_Jangle but if there was interest I’d make more.

  • Would these be improved by being drilled, countersunk and one tapped? So they can screw together and don’t drop on the floor when you loosen your vice while holding the frame

  • Yes, I’m going to do that or something like that for Jingle Jangle.

    The don’t actually fall out too readily anyway, the narrower bit is long enough to prevent it but yeah, bolting them together will make sure they stay in there.

  • I’ve made another 2 sets of these if anyone’s interested.

    Knocked the edges back a bit more this time and turned the od down a little on one set to get rid of a bit of marring from the chuck.

    I drilled and tapped my own set and found it quite useful so made it a standard feature for these ones.

    Same price, £15 posted within the UK.

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  • I'll take a set please.

    They look great.

    Will DM.

  • Arrived today.

    Really nicely made.

    Bargain too.


  • Nice one, cheers.

    One set left.

  • I'll take them if they are still available. Will pm

  • These are amazing. I don’t need a set but I want a set anyway. I don’t know why but I do.

  • Threaded for m8? Would certainly be interested in a set if you were to make anymore. Really could do with a lathe of my own..

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Bottom bracket vice pucks. £15

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