• For your beater bike; open to offers.

    • SOLD: Alpina 1-1/8" carbon fork

    • SOLD: 1" aero carbon fork

    (Sorry for the erratic picture quality, my phone camera is a bit crap atm)

    Collection preferred.

  • Alpina fork

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  • 1" fork

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  • Close up pic of the corrosion of the 1inch steerer?

    Also would you post?

  • This is the steerer from 3 directions. You can see the scrape marks where I had to scrape off the stuff on it to check on the condition underneath, and the pitting revealed.

    I'd rather not post if I can avoid it.

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  • That's a good bit of corrosion alrite!

    Maybe cut and save someone chancing it and loosing teeth?

    Glws anyway!!

  • Thanks, yeah I would if I currently had a hacksaw that worked on aluminium... only had to cut carbon for the last year or two, which is obviously a lot easier. I tried: you can do it with just a hacksaw blade alone even.

    It's super annoying, this, because honestly the forks are otherwise very nice and in quite good condition - this just reduces the amount of available steerer a lot...

  • Hey man! Would be interested in the Alpina's. Where are you based - could maybe come pick up in the next couple of days?

  • Hi - sorry for the late update. Both forks were dibsed via PM just before you unfortunately, but you're 2nd in line for the Alpina in case it doesn't work out!

  • Okay sick - thanks man! Can meet anytime over the next 3 days so just give me a shout if they come up.

  • Sold!


SOLD: 1" aero fork (short steerer), 1-1/8" Alpina fork

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