Bike clearout: Litespeed t5g, Wilier Jaroon+ >>> price drop

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  • Custom Waltly full sus

  • When I'm older and richer.

  • sweet, will PM

  • Full body shots of Jaroon. It has a 17 degree 110 stem right now, I have a 10 degree 100 and 80 mm stems to swap if those would suit you more.

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  • Stripped and ready to go!

  • Great! I've sent you a PM to talk about pick up etc.

  • Salsa sold.

  • Am I being too optimistic on pricing on the other two? Thought gravel was all the rage right now.

  • Damn it, been after that model Salsa for years!!

  • Will split both bikes if anyone wants the framesets
    It'll be £900 for Litespeed with CK hs and hope bb
    £600 for Jaroon with hs, it can be built either flat or drop bar

    Also open to offers on full builds.

  • Jaroon will come with a set of BNiB 4 pot deore brakes, stooge moto bars and a sram GX 11 speed shifter for easy conversion from drops to risers.

    £100 drop on the Litespeed

  • Final price drop.
    Litespeed £1750
    Jaroon £1250
    This is valuation from webuycycles in Derby. I'll box the bikes up and ship them off tomorrow if there is no interest.

  • I'd love the Jaroon frameset but just too poor until the end of the month - GLWS

  • I can't wait that long, sorry. Especially now that I have a cash in bank offer from Cycleworks.


Bike clearout: Litespeed t5g, Wilier Jaroon+ >>> price drop

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